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    Default Krizia Women's Fragrances

    Hi there! i was wondering if anyone could share their thoughts about Krizia's women's scents. I have an dlove Krazy Krizia and wasn't too crazy about the new blue one (l'eau de Krizia?)...How about Moods, Time, Spazio, Light and the others?


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    I very much like the original Krizia which is a chypre. Italians used to love chypres and white florals during the 80s. Also very good is the very hard to find Theatro a la Scala, warm and powdery.

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    I know that this is an old thread, but just saw it. I used to love and wear K de Krizia all of the time. Yes, it was in the 80's, and yes, it was a stronger scent, but it was beautiful and I always received tons of compliments when I wore it. The lotion was heavily perfumed too and I could often just wear that on more casual days when I didn't want the full-on fragrance. Actually, I really need to go check this one out again......

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    I used to wear Krazy Krizia back then and it was nice.

    But I really liked K de Krizia which is a light chypre with some smokiness ( at least to me) in the background. I think it's very underrated and not talked about much, yet it is very sophisticated and elegant. Could be worn by a man I think in small doses. It does have the characteristic powderiness and I consider that a good thing. I only have a mini of that one and think about getting some more at some point.

    Moods was something I had gone through a bottle, but I think it was too strong somehow and a little bit 80's in its character. I remember it being on offer in the mid-90's which seems to mean that it was not very popular then ( make of that what you will : )

    The rest I don't think I have tried....

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