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    Default When a bottle gets lost on it`s way...

    I have been wondering about this; if you order a frag from a net shop, and it gets lost in the mail, stolen, or something, and you never receive it - what is the usual policy of the companies? If it`s insured, I guess you`ll get a new bottle, or your money back, but often you have no possibility to insure the item if you order from USA to Europe.

    Do you have any experience with this? If not insured, will you get a new bottle (which I doubt), or do just have to face that you have lost your money?

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    Default Re: When a bottle gets lost on it`s way...

    You have lost your money, I`m afraid. Really, there is nothing you can do if the package shall not come.

    Sad but true. Let`s cry together, musse & everybody :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

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    Default Re: When a bottle gets lost on it`s way...


    However, I usually take the tracking number and track any packages I order like a hawk. That way, even if it gets lost in a random state, I'll know where to start looking.

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    Default Re: When a bottle gets lost on it`s way...

    Many credit cards have some type of blanket insurance in place. If you purchased your frag with a credit card I'd start with them.
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    Default Re: When a bottle gets lost on it`s way...

    At this very moment my little decants of Apres L'Ondee and Amber Narguile are lost, at the mercy of the USPS. Luckily I ordered from a VERY wonderful e-bay store Fragrant Fripperies and I was given a full refund. It was sent priority and had tracking number, but the Post Office has no idea where it is. In my town you have to go pick up the mail at the post office,( > )so I do know it wasn't stolen from someone off the street. Of ALL things for them to lose- Apres L'Ondee!! shame shame shame :-/

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    Default Re: When a bottle gets lost on it`s way...

    Don't most places purchase mail insurance so that they can refund customers in cases like this? If you can prove the package is lost (tracking numbers, etc.) and insurance was purchased, you should be able to get a refund. I've never had a package from an etailer, a department store, or an Ebay store where the sender hadn't purchased insurance, so you may be in luck!

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    Default Re: When a bottle gets lost on it`s way...

    In the US, American Express usually protects its customers very well against fraud and missing merchandise, etc. Even if the seller refuses to help, AMEX will step in and make sure you aren't stuck.
    I'm sorry but I don't know if they have the same policies for their European clients, but they might! If you buy online alot, it may be worth checking out.
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    Default Re: When a bottle gets lost on it`s way...

    It has happened to me once with a British on-line store. Because the item had been sold out, they returned my money.

    I think you should either get a new bottle or your money back. Wish you luck!
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    Default Re: When a bottle gets lost on it`s way...

    Most online stores with a minute amount of self respect will insure the packages goign out, have a tracking number, and if it gets lost, will be able to replace the lost merchandise and send you another bottle, or refund you (depending on what their policy is or what you choose to do; for instance - if you decided to buy it somewhere else because you didn't want to wait until the replacement comes and didn't let you know, they may decide to not refund you). Communication is always the key.
    I personally insure all the packages that go out, except for samples, where I want to keep the costs down to minimum for shipping, and take the risk that they will not make it there and that means that I will send a replacement for the samples. This never happened yet... Touch wood!
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