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    Default Bona fide Creed??

    Quote Originally Posted by Propaganda13 AKA allshewants
    Shipped fast, good packaging. No problems with the transaction.
    Tester and retail were clearly labeled in ads. Creed had arabic writing.

    Do you mean the box had Arabic writing on it? I think that is normal, but I'm not 100% sure. Anyone know if true Creeds have Arabic writing somewhere on the box? I've seen a couple of boxes and I could swear there was Arabic writing on them somewhere.

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    Default Re: Bona fide Creed??

    Could be made for the middle east market,because of alcohol in fragrance they need a special liecence for that market.

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    Default Re: Bona fide Creed??

    I've actually seen accusations that this seller sometimes sends counterfeit perfumes. I don't know if there is any truth in the accusations or not, but I've seen them made (check their feedback a ways back, you'll find a few; I've also seen the name come up on various eBay forums).

    That's about all I know about the matter, though (i.e., I'm not accusing them or making comments on their honesty; I only know what I've read).

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    Default Re: Bona fide Creed??

    I am not a Creed fan and don't want to start that whole magilla for the umpteenth time. These are just some thoughts that come to mind.

    From reading posts from Creed purchasers / detractors, I have learned:

    Arabic writing not unusual on a Creed purchased on secondary (discounted) market.

    Cut-outs on boxes and removal of identifying numbers from bottles typical. No way to trace the Creed's original retail source.

    I am reminded of my uncle's 33 1/3 LP record collection. Some of his record albums were purchased during 1970s at a 'secondary market' retailer at heavily discounted prices and are easily identified because the upper right corner of the album jacket has been snipped off. *

    I am also reminded of Atari video games. He told me that circa 1980, perfectly good video games cartridges were actually bulldozed into the ground to keep prices artificially high and avoid 'dumping' - selling to secondary market. *

    So they are evidently dealing with product that has been removed from the primary market and found its way into the hands of discounters.

    1. Why wasn't the product destroyed? Fragrance does have a limited period of usefuness and I should think even more so with a Creed given their penchant for natural materials.

    2. Why hasn't a Creed fan requested a translation of an Arabic box? I would sincerely doubt that any tangible information would be gained but it is interesting all the same.

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    Default Re: Bona fide Creed??

    The boxes I've seen (granted, it has only been a few) had Arabic writing under English or French, I think. It was very small and on the back, if I remember correctly. I assumed it would translate to whatever was written in English and/or French.

    Boy, I sure do have a great memory!

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    Default Re: Bona fide Creed??

    I just bought bonafide Creed GIT from Bergdorf Goodman (authorized seller) last week. On the back of the box, under the "Made In France" text, there is arabic writing.

    But today I saw Original Vetiver at a local perfume store and checked out the back of the box, it had arabic sticker at the bottom right side of the box. But the date was in english and said 2005.

    While I HATE paying full retail, atleast I don't have any doubts in the back of my mind.

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    Default Re: Bona fide Creed??

    Well, I can read Arabic

    the sticker that's on the box/bottle it says "For external use only"

    and the note inside the box is just Creed's biography

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    Default Re: Bona fide Creed??

    tiff if you do a search for "fake creed" or "creed arabic" or "real creed" you'll get about a million threads on this issue.

    and after all of it, what we know can be summed up with these two points:

    1.) if it smells right, then it's probably right.

    2.) the only way to be completely sure is to get it from a reputable authorized creed seller, like neiman marcus or whatever.

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