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Thread: What next?

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    Default What next?

    Hey ladies (and gents), I'm going to have to log off until May 6 (I've learned that I can't just "check" Basenotes and be done with it ) so I can study for my finals. :'(

    Anyway, don't want y'all to forget about me, so I'm leaving behind two polls, one to help me decide my next scent and one to help me decide which scent to buy my boyfriend next (will post on the men's board). I've got both of them narrowed down to several choices, but it's just SO hard to decide, so I'm leaving it in your capable hands while I'm gone. Thanks!

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    Default Re: What next?

    I voted for L'Heure Bleue.

    Good luck on your finals!
    'I am not difficult, I am definite!' - Hedy Lamarr

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    Default Re: What next?

    Hi, gooderin!

    I voted for L`Heure Bleue, mainly because I would like to have that one myself...


    GOOD LUCK!!!

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    Default Re: What next?

    Gooderin, good luck with your exams! I voted Chanel Bois des Iles. Only because I've never smelled it myself and all I've read about it are raves. And because I like the name. Makes me think of the Ile de la cite. Did you know that a celtic tribe called the Parisii lived on the Ile de la Cite and that's how Paris got its name? That's what I read anyway. Bois des Iles makes me think of that story.

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    Default Re: What next?

    Dear goodErin

    Bestest of luck with your exams!!!!

    I've voted for L'Heure Bleue too... how could I not with notes like these:

    Top Notes: Bergamot, lemon, coriander, neroli.
    Heart Notes: Bulgarian rose, iris, heliotrope, jasmine, ylang-ylang, orchid.
    Base Notes: Vanilla, sandalwood, musk, vetiver, benzoin.

    Blended like a true masterpiece! With a hint of almondy marzipan that is so wonderful... just could not resist!!!!
    "Of the five senses, the sense of smell is incontestably the one that best conveys a sense of immortality."

    Salvador Dali

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    Lean in closer, dear

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    Default Re: What next?

    You're so wise--knowing when to cut yourself off from distractions. Anybody that smart shouldn't need advice from the likes of me! ;D
    "I live in the garden, I just sleep in the house." -- Jim Long
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    Default Re: What next?

    I've tried L'Heure Bleue and couldn't get past the vintage thick indolic nature of it. I'd say don't buy it blind. Bois de Iles is lovely as well, but that's the only other one on your list I've actually tested.

    Test eveything before you buy!
    Please, spritz responsibly.

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    Default Re: What next?

    thanks everyone for the well wishes re: finals. i certainly need them!!

    and thanks for voting in my polls...

    and, shycat, no worries re: buying scents unsniffed/tested. i sniff and test a lot, but i have bought many many many scents unsniffed and haven't received any that i dislike yet. if i do, though (and i am sure that day will come!), i have plenty of female relatives and friends that would most likely take it off my hands. Or I'm sure some basenoters wouldn't mind swapping/buying

    take care everybody...

    ok, now let's see if i can stay away for more than a day! ;D

    p.s. don't forget to vote in my other poll on the men's board!!

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    The power of bleu

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    Default Re: What next?

    I voted for Envy Me 2 because the notes sound so perfect for spring. Magnolia, violet, and heliotrope on a base of patchouli, sandalwood, and vanilla. yummy I haven't smelled it yet, though ...

    best of luck on your finals!
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    Default Re: What next?

    I like the jasmine note in calycanthus *

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    Default Re: What next?

    poll ending soon--please vote if you haven't already!

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    Default Re: What next?

    CdG 2 EdP, it is simply amazing! I doubt it will win this poll though... It just keeps on growing on me, it never seem to stop amazing me.

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    Default Re: What next?

    thanks for voting, everyone!

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