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    Default Allure--May 2006 issue

    Great article about frags: "Scents of Identity" featuring interviews with Frederic Malle, Karl Bradl, Margherita and Angela Missoni, Mandy Aftel, and Christopher Brosius.

    Unfortunately, the article is not available online.

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    Default Re: Allure--May 2006 issue

    give us a summary!

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    Default Re: Allure--May 2006 issue

    Thanks for the tip. :-* You're feeding into a dream vacation for me. 8-) I'll pick up the magazine at the airport, read it on the way to Disney World where I expect to test a dozen fragrances and, thanks to bonni's reminder, will have the book Perfume to read during my leisure in the evening.
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    Default Re: Allure--May 2006 issue

    It says that as long as they are not in direct sun, floral perfumes will last 18 months, orientals 2 years. I better get sprintzing, I thought I had a good 5 years !

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    Default Re: Allure--May 2006 issue

    Quote Originally Posted by liquid
    give us a summary!
    liquid, I spent four hours today answering essay questions involving the rules of federal civil might need to give me some time for that summary ;D! after sleeping about three hours per night every night this week and trying to learn everything i ignored this semester, i am officially brain dead. i am surprised i was able to even read and comprehend the allure article.

    what tinker quoted, though, i was pretty surprised when i read that in the article. i have had some of my perfumes for years and years and i think they still smell great. i would have to bathe, and wash dishes and clothes in a scent to use it all in two years.

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