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    Default Eternity for Women

    Asking about the original. It doesn't seem to get much love around here... I never liked smelling ANY of the florals. Eternity, however, is the first floral I actually liked.


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    It is cool, like an autumn breeze. It is citrucy and on a bitter side. It can be too pungent with carnation and narciss if overapplied. All white flowers make people expect something warmer and lusher, which Eternity is not. Musky ambers are not particularly clean, in general. That is why, IMHO, some people can not wear it and others claim that it is headache inducing. I am NOT one of them, because I adore it: on a good day I get green flowery freshness of an orchard with honey-smelling apples on the ground, that will be covered with early snow in a few weeks.

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    I like Eternity. A young student where I go to school was trailing this behind her as she walked and it smelled fantastic on her. I recognized the fragrance, but not in a negative way like, "oh, here's old Eternity again." It was more like, "now THAT's the way Eternity should smell!" I guess it depends on who's wearing it and how it suits them. But I like many CK fragrances. I'm not a snob. :-)

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    Default Re: Eternity for Women

    Another Eternity fan here. It smells really fresh and clean on some people, but not soapy or watery.
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    Default Re: Eternity for Women

    I still love Eternity. It's one of the great American perfumes IMHO.

    Twenty years ago when I started collecting fragrances Eternity was, with Giorgio, one of the first scented magazine strips I encountered. Back then such scented strips, specially of US fragrances that weren't available in here in Europe, were truly magical to me. I kept them all in a box (still do) and smelled them for hours. A couple of years later I finally got a real bottle of Eternity, that was when my father travelled for work to New York and bought me a little pure perfume bottle.

    Even now when I cross someone who wears Eternity, I always catch myself thinking of that magical scented strip.

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    I had 3 miniatures of CK when I was 15: Obsession, Escape and Eternity. I enjoyed all of them, but Eternity was my love. I don't know why I never got a big bottle of it. I guess it still needs some time to make it less personal, although I often go smell it in the shops, and there are so many memories come back...
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