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    Default Re: Teaser # 43 (clues)

    My humble guesses are:
    Calypso Ambre
    Histoire d'Amour 2
    Siren by Impulse

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    Default Re: Teaser # 43 (clues)

    I think levannah is right.
    Calypso Lancome has raspberry and plum among its notes,
    it is a limited edition,
    and Calypso should be the one to hate Hermes, because he brought her the Zeus' order to let Odisseus go.
    There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.

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    Default Re: Teaser # 43 (clues)

    I guess calypso ambre is right because of the year of lauch which was 2003 as for PdN Balkis while Lancome realease was in 2004

    P.S. Thanks Audrey for the mythological explanation! I'm not so good with ancient greek women tastes... *

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    Default Re: Teaser # 43 (clues)

    You got it: Lancome Calypso (2004) with Jacques Cavallier of Firmenich being its nose, is the fragrance in question. Uncomplicated to some, very pleasant to me: relaxed and fruity and I love the colors of aqua and sunset. Can be found at your local Marshall's store for 8.99/30ml. Not bad at all!

    Thanks to everybody for participation and hats off to Levannah because she is the winner. 8-)

    Please stay connected for more fun.

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    Default Re: Teaser # 43 (solved)

    Whoops - just noticed that it's been solved. I'd never have figured this one out!

    I LOVE these things - and Timberwolf, you are just a fascinating writer

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