Just read these on some website that had study tips listed on it:

"For girls, when you study, have a scent in the room, preferably a perfume or something. Then when you take the test, wear that perfume. It can help you remember what you study because you relate the scent to the information. Of course you have to use a scent that you wouldn't normally smell."

"Be careful about wearing too much perfume or sitting near someone who does. The chemicals in some perfumes may affect your power to concentrate and remember information."

I can maybe see how the first one is true, but the second one? Does anyone know if chemicals in some perfumes affect your power to concentrate and remember information?

Does anyone have experience with using a certain perfume while you study? If you think this might work, would you recommend I wear the same scent while studying for all subjects and then wear it into all of my finals? Or should I wear a different scent for each one? Ex. Lolita Lempicka for Con Law, Omnia Crystalline for CJ, Gucci Eau de Parfum II for Civ Pro, ardenbeauty for Obligations and Lily Chic for Property or should I just wear ONE of those for all? (btw, there was no reasoning behind choosing those scents, other than i don't wear them very often. but there is a lot i don't wear very often simply bc i have a big frag wardrobe!)

Please let me know what y'all would do!

Another option: wear whatever while studying, but when finals time comes, choose something that makes me feel happy and confident and that I can smell for four hours while taking the test. and maybe wear it to each four-hour exam or wear diff ones to each four-hour exam?

Opinions, now! What would you wear for your final exams? Recs (see my wardrobe, although there are plenty not listed). thanks!