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Thread: Puma scents!

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    Default Puma scents!

    I went to the local drugstore
    (I'm visiting my boyfriend and couldn't take my collection with me, which gives me pain :'()
    to distract myself.
    They only had a few, so I tested the Pumas. I had this sporty image in my head, so I expected smth in the lines of citrus-fresh, aquatic, deodorant-style.
    No. They are quite nice, especially for the price. They tend to remind of other scents, like Flowing for Women is a Lacoste for Women clone. But it's good! Puma Woman is a decent grapefruit-green tea scent. I also wanted to try Jamaica, but they wouldn't open one for me. It's notes look interesting:
    Top note : black currant, mandarine, bergamotte, waterpear

    Middle note : rose, peach blossom, coconut

    Base note : heliotrope, sandalwood,white musk

    Anyone familiar with these frags?
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    Default Re: Puma scents!

    yeah, i tested just one - pink/red color, really nice fragance, but so similar with ECHO davidoff... and the male version share similarities with lacoste red and the last montblanc ...

    anyway, both could be great for sports/gym/no formal events/school,....

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    Default Re: Puma scents!

    I tried Jamaica a couple of months ago, just two sprays on the wrist. It reminded me a bit of the Escada summer scents, like Island Kiss and Rockin Rio, but more fresh and less sweet. I even thought of buying it, but it had very bad lasting power on me (like most frags, unless no. 5, which I don`t like... ), so after that one test, I forgot about it until I saw your post. I don`t think I will buy it, though; there are sooo many news tempting me!
    Nice scent at a nice price, anyway!

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    Default Re: Puma scents!

    Hmmm I thought that it smelled a lot like Amor Amor actually... Funny one!
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