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    Default Carthusia - Io Capri

    I have been stuck between Premier Figuier extreme and Philosykos now for a while (for a long time), not being able to decide which one to get....I change my mind over and over again.

    So, now I have become a little curious about Io Capri. Maybe that is the fig scent I dream of.... it sounds pretty herbal and interesting. I will include it in my next sample order, but I would love to hear opinions from someone who wears it, or has tried it.

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    Default Re: Carthusia - Io Capri

    Io Capri contains some fig leave notes but it's more of a citrussy fragrance with smokey undertones of black tea.

    If you are looking for a pure fig fragrance like the Diptyque or L'Artisan than you might better try Jo Malone's Wild Fig & Cassis or the new Fico di Amalfi by Acqua di Parma.

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    Default Re: Carthusia - Io Capri

    More choises.....
    Thank you cedric! *

    Not nessecarily pure fig. But it has to be quite pronnounced though. In Fig Tea by Patricia de Nicloaï, for example, it was too hidden among other notes. So, maybe Io Capri is not what I want either... I don´t mind some floral or green notes among there. I am craving a mediterranian accord for the comming scandinavian summer.

    I am quite happy with Premier Figiuer extreme. I like the creamyness of it. My only issue with it is that the green notes can appear sharp and bitter some days.

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