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    Default Need Yves Rocher info., please

    I've never tried anything by Yves Rocher, but they've got a really good sale at their website. *They have a pineapple body wash (I'm still on my Pineapple Hunt) for $3.00 and their Pur Désir de Lilas, which I've been curious to try, is buy one get one free ($17.00 for both!). *They have a Pur Désir de Lilas Anti-Perspirant Deodorant that looks to be worth trying as well. *

    The thing is, I don't know if I should buy without trying something first. *Even though the prices are good I don't want to waste my money. Is Yves Rocher along the lines of Avon? *What do you think? Thanks *

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    Default Re: Need Yves Rocher info., please

    Hi Tovah!
    For my YR is in fact pretty much along the lines of Avon but a bit better. I so used to love a few fragrances they used to have. Venecia and Peony were some of my all time favorites when I was younger. They do have some stores though I just saw a location in ON Vaughn Mills so you could always scout them out and see if you could find a locaton near you and see how it goes.

    Pineapple just might be worth it though! Best of luck to you

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    Default Re: Need Yves Rocher info., please

    Pur Désir de Lilas was composed by Annick Menardo from Lolita Lempicka and Hypnotic Poison fame. This lilac is like the real thing. Actually all fowers in the Pur Désir line are very well done, last year Mimosa was also fantastic.
    At that price you can't go wrong.

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    Default Re: Need Yves Rocher info., please

    I agree with cedric, Pur desir de Mimosa is a very nice mimosa fragrance. All the bottles in the Pur desir series look cheap, but that´s OK, since they also are cheap. At the moment they are sold for practically nothing here. I almost feel sory for it (50% off an already low price), since I guess it could mean it hasn´t sold well.

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    Default Re: Need Yves Rocher info., please

    I never regretted buying anything from YR, except maybe for foundation, it was too yellow.
    I have the Mimosa scent, and the cream antiperspirant, it works very well together and it's the best Mimosa I could found.(And did search!)
    Lilas is the real big royal lily, also very good.

    I'd say, go for it. If you go to the shop first, you'll end up buying even more, trust me!
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