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    Default Child perfume - anyone tried it?

    would appreciate any kind of review or information you've got thanks

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    Default Re: Child perfume - anyone tried it?

    child, from what company?

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    Default Re: Child perfume - anyone tried it?

    My kids just wear my perfume.

    Oh. Wait. Duh. "Child" is the name of a perfume.... :-[

    "Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving cologne and they go out and smell each other."
    -Karl, age 5

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    Default Re: Child perfume - anyone tried it?

    I don't have it yet, but I've bid on a 10ml roll-on on ebay. People have mentioned Child on my pikaki / jasmine sambac thread and it always seems to come up on Kai discussions. I'm just fanatical about this Kai stuff, which is old hat to so many but new to me. The consensus seems to be that Child dries down to musk faster and loses it's floral note. But as long as ONE person says Child is the best, I just have to try it. So, what I'm expecting is pure jasmine sambac musk. That has to be good! I'll try to remember this thread and post my opinion if I win it, and when it gets here.

    On the other hand, Kai is the BOMB. It's beautifully green, fresh, sweet, without any snythetic or powdery feel. It's pricey though and I run through it pretty fast. I have the body lotion, which is more like a body cream for it's thick richness. Soon, as I know myself so well, I will cave to the obsession and have the body spray as well.

    I have Monyette Paris, another oil that comes up in these discussions and it's actually quite different. It's rich and creamy sweet but without that fresh cut greeness. And it's got a trace of powder with a bit of rose to my nose, and possiblly some coconut. It has more of a suntan oil sense to it.

    Further, I have three pikaki fragrances on the way as well. They were very inexpensive, except for the TerraNova, but my hopes, as always, are high.

    Soon, but not soon enough to suit this smelly little woman, I will have more to say.
    Please, spritz responsibly.

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    Default Re: Child perfume - anyone tried it?

    To me, Child smells like pikake and Kai smells like gardenia.

    In any case, Scentsational of Huntington used to claim to be the originator of the Child scent and sold an exact replica, to my nose. Trademark issues led them to desist from making the claim and they've renamed their dupe, but I'm sure they're still selling it. Perhaps a perusal of the descriptions would disclose which one it is now?

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    Default Re: Child perfume - anyone tried it?

    And to me, Child smells just like gardenia! Keep in mind I have only tried the shower gel.

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    Default Re: Child perfume - anyone tried it?

    Who makes this may I ask?

    It's not a Beth Terry product is it?


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    Default Re: Child perfume - anyone tried it?

    The creator of Child is Susan D. Owens.

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    Default Re: Child perfume - anyone tried it?

    Quote Originally Posted by gooderin
    The creator of Child is Susan D. Owens.


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    Default Re: Child perfume - anyone tried it?

    I would say that Kai is much greener- a green, fresh, moist gardenia. (I love it!) Child is more pikaki to me, a tropical, Hawaiian smell without suntan lotion or coconut. I'm sure it does have some sort of white musk in it too.

    The Sensational of Huntington dupe is called Leilani. On me it's just about identical and a fraction of the cost of Owens' Child. For me it's a fresh, feminine, summer fragrance staple.
    Scent is such a lovely, simple pleasure!

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    Default Re: Child perfume - anyone tried it?

    Child is a very clean tropical musky scent to me, and since it's an oil it lasts practically forever. A little bit goes a long way. It's actually very nice and doesn't really smell like anything else out there(except the copy versions of it). You can sample it at if you want to try it before buying a whole bottle.

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