Ha Ha! I just opened the miniature plastic grocery bag my 25 single note samples came in. It smelled divine! But Holy Cow! Should I take a drop of each one and make a test vial?? I have ready access to TB syringes that measure accurately to 1/100 ml. WAIT, even as I type I realize I need insulin syringes! I can draw up 2/100 ml of one at a time, wipe down the needle tip with alcohol, and move on to the next!!!! Just like a bee! I'm all a-quiver!!!

I opened tulip-very nice. Gardenia--I could wear it straight. Pikaki--I could wear it straight. Cucumber--maybe not straight, but very pleasant.

They seem thick, I hope the little needle on insulin syringes can suck them up

Dear God! This is the life! The pentultimate merging of my organic chem lab, anesthesiology, and perfumery!!! [smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif]

Is anyone else doing this??? Trying to make their own fragrance for Parfumsraffy to bottle for them?? FUN!!!!! [smiley=cheesy.gif] [smiley=cheesy.gif] [smiley=cheesy.gif]