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    Default Basenotes birthday club?

    OK, bear with me here, since this an idea that definitely needs some tweaking, so please feel free to post your feedback.

    I'm not exactly sure how we could get this organized or how it would work, but I was thinking maybe we could start a Basenotes Birthday Club. Basically, it could go something like this: it would be up to the member if they want to participate and only those who participate would receive something for their birthday.

    Everyone has samples lying around or has easy access to them (hit the nearest department store and ask for a few), so I was thinking if there were some way to get them all together to mail off to the recipient, it could shape up to be quite a nice treat and would be of minimal cost; however, if there were too many participants, we could figure out something else so this would not become a chore for members. For instance, people who share the same birthday month would only have to worry about participating that one month. Say around 10 people have a birthday in January, well for each person's birthday, they could maybe even each chip in a dollar and just order a sample pack from beautyhabit or lusciouscargo. that means they would be out only $10 per year. And like I said, it would be completely optional.

    I feel like there has to be a better, smarter way, though, to get something like this off the ground. If done right, it could be really fun. Does anyone have anything to add? All feedback is welcome--even if you think the idea is totally ludicrous and not plausible. Would any of you be interested in participating in something like this?

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    Default Re: Basenotes birthday club?

    It's a sweet idea, but I've always been terrible with birthdays. I'm generous, but I'm completely random, and give treats for no reason at all whenever the mood strikes me. The sense of oblgation and expectation of a birthday club would strain my miniscule organizational skills. :P
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    Default Re: Basenotes birthday club?

    Oh, what a sweetheart to suggest this idea. You are a dear.

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    Default Re: Basenotes birthday club?

    I think it is a wonderful idea!

    I also don't rely on myself to organize smth like that, and I don't trust the post. Many of us live at opposite ends of the world, and it might be hard to get a good timing.

    Also thinking of all the private information that could be available to anyone. I think it might work for supporting members as their page is closed, but not for non-supporting ones.

    These are the points that come to mind, but don't let my pessimism influence you.

    Maybe the one who has Birthday could get the right to propose the scent of the day? It would still be a free decision to participate, and it is very special. Like, share the fragrance experience.

    I don't know, maybe it's a silly idea :-[
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    Default Re: Basenotes birthday club?

    Thanks for the feedback, y'all. This is exactly what I was looking for. Audrey, your idea about having it be a feature for supporters is a really good one. Also, the idea about letting the bday gal (or guy) do something special on the boards is very good bc it does not involve people feeling obligated or having to remember things!!

    Keep the ideas coming--hopefully we can all come up with something fun together! (let's do it by July 10, though )

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