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    Default Tried Pure White Linen & Armani Code today

    Just got back from the Macy's a short distance from my home. *Bought myself some new sunglasses and got to try EL Pure White Linen and Armani Code.

    Pure White Linen - Forgive me for not being terribly fragrance note-articulate but here's my impression. *As posted in the earlier thread, it's quite reminiscent of Lauren, particularly in its drydown stage. *What I really love are the top notes, high singing florals, with juicy and tangy summer fruits right behind that lasting into the middle stage, then soften into the Laurenish drydown...and then it's gone. *There she goes. *:-( *It is very short lived! *But truly a lovely fruity-floral fragrance. *Maybe a body lotion when it comes out will extend the pure pleasure.

    Armani Code - pretty bottle, black flowers on a deep violet glass fading into pale, pale violet. *I tried it on both wrists because I've yet to meet an Armani fragrance I don't like, I guess they suit me. *All I can say is, in drydown it's almost a dead ringer for something I already own and wear fairly frequently and I think it's JPG Classique. *I need to do a side by side comparison but I'm pretty sure that's it.

    Spritzed Red Door Revealed on a card -- at first it seemed pretty nice! *Who knew. *But now, a couple of hours later it just seems a bit cloying (and this coming from someone who wears Classique!).

    Valentino was being promoted, got a spritzed card of that, too. *I think it's a very classy fragrance. *Kind of subtle almondy or maybe anise on the card. *Reminds me of YSL Cinema, but with all these fragrances in my nose now, I can't tell for sure. *I think I like this one.

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    Default Re: Tried Pure White Linen & Armani Code today

    Yes, both Armani Code and Gaultier Classic (which has a newly redesigned bottle btw, ) have masses of orange flower and both share a very powdery dry-down. Somehow they are rather different IMHO. I stick to my first idea that Armani Code is a reinterpretation of Loulou by Cacharel.

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    Default Re: Tried Pure White Linen & Armani Code today

    I'll take your word for it on LouLou, Cedric. I haven't smelled LouLou since the 80's so I can't recall what it smells like. I've read (here?) that Alien is similar to LouLou and I can see the relation between Code and Alien in drydown. Code, mercifully, takes less time to get there than Alien. I rather like Alien, though. Hmm...wonder if I'd like LouLou, too. Never a rock unturned! ;-)

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