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    Default Something for my mom (60 years old)


    As the time rolls by again this year to start thinking about Mother's Day, i think this would be a good year to go the way of the scent. My mom is an angel, extremely hard working florist (for 40 years) and owns her own floral business. She is a chronic chainsmoker (and smells accordingly) and is not a vain woman in any form of the word. She is the type that wears rags while everyone around her wears cashmere. She just doesnt put such stock into those things. I want to get her a frag that exudes subtle class and sophistication for a woman that fits the mold above. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    n8, thanks for your interest in our suggestions. However, since you already have this same thread in progress on the men's board, I'll lock this one. See Rule #6, please, of the Basenotes' rules.

    Anyone who would like to help n8 with suggestions for a Mothers' Day fragrance, please join the discussion here:

    Thanks, and good luck!

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