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    Default difficult to answer Kenzo question

    So since I got hooked on Basenotes, my girlfriend has likewise started to be interested in various frags and curious about stuff she smells around her. She has taken to asking people what they are wearing when she is moved to do so. I find this ridiculously attractive, and wish that I had the you-know-whats to approach strangers in this way. Anyway, thats not the point... a week or two ago, we were in the video store, and she asked a woman what she was wearing. "kenzo" came the reply. But which one???

    I didnt get a clear whiff, so I can't describe it. My girlfriend says it was "light" and "something so so different than anything I've ever smelled" (a kenzo for sure!) So ladies, I put to you the impossible task: what Kenzo fragrance do you think this was? Ive looked at the ladies' kenzos in the directory, but not having smelled it, am wandering in the dark. Perhaps a more fruitful direction to go would be: which are the most popular Kenzos for women? Any favorites that you can describe?

    thanks so much ladies!

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    Default Re: difficult to answer Kenzo question

    Maybe get your girlfriend to read through some of these reviews to see if any of them seem to describe the scent she smelled:

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    Default Re: difficult to answer Kenzo question

    It could be the bestselling KenzoFlower which smells soft and powdery. Or KenzoSummer with soft mimosa note, smells like baby lotion.

    I don't think it's the following:
    -KenzoJungle is too spicy yet it's very different.
    -Parfum d'Ete is green and vegetal.
    -L'Eau par Kenzo is soft yet watery.
    There are a few other Kenzo fragrances but aren't well distributed in the USA.

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    Default Re: difficult to answer Kenzo question

    I'm wearing Kenzo Summer today. It's soft, creamy, and very fresh, but no sharpness to it at all. I get complements everytime I wear it. I'm not very familiar with the other Kenzos, but I know Kenzo Flower has a large following.


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    Default Re: difficult to answer Kenzo question

    The most famous kenzo is KenzoFlower...maybe the one you are talking about is summerbykenzo?

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    Default Re: difficult to answer Kenzo question

    I think it was the original Kenzo (1988). I loved it and when it was launched I bought it as a gift for my mom.

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    Default Re: difficult to answer Kenzo question

    I don't think it could be KenzoFlower, it's quite popular and recognisable, so the chances that she has never come across it a not so high.
    When you say light, I have to think of L'Eau par Kenzo. It is quite watery, but it's the lightest. All Kenzos are quite unique, Jungle Tiger is oriental, Elefant is also spicy.
    Le Monde est Beau (The World is beautiful) is very soft, and it has some very rare notes:
    Top note : Cassiflore, Magnolia, Aglaïa Odorata
    Middle note : Jasmine, Cherry Blossom, Albizia, Honeysuckle
    Base note : Cedar, Vetyrisia

    Parfum d'Ete is green floral, but not light. Summer by Kenzo is an almondy Mimosa with warm drydown, but somehow it doesn't fit into unique and light.

    Good luck in searching, I think the best would be go testing
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