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    Default Beautifull Sheer.

    Anyone likes this?
    I do.

    I tried it today at the departement store. OK, It's no masterpiece but I don't think it tries to pass like it. Absolutely no relation to the classic Beautiful, the classic is more sophisticated. Beautiful Sheer also is much greener and has that "wet floral" note so typical of Lauder fragrances since Pleasures. If you like other soft green florals with a tropical feeling (Ginger Lily), like say Cabotine or Tendre Poison, but are looking for something with less vanilla try Beautifull Sheer.
    Beautiful Sheer is one of those optimistic fragrances, you will feel like there is sunshine even on a rainy day. It's made to wear for every occasion. It's longlasting... don't overspray.

    Not for those who like "dark/mysterious" fragrances.
    ... also BS contains a lot of "living flower" technology notes, I know some people are sensitive, me included, and can get headaches when wearing fragrances which have them in their compostions.

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    Default Re: Beautifull Sheer.

    interesting, gotta try it if its different form the original..

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    Default Re: Beautifull Sheer.

    The reviewers at rate this at least as highly as the original.
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    Default Re: Beautifull Sheer.

    I love it. I got a small roll on version in a GWP that Lauder did in 2004. I really liked it and wore it when I went back home to Australia on holiday.

    Since then, when I wear it, I find myself transported back to hot summer days in Perth. *

    I do however get headaches sometimes when wearing it, so maybe I am sensitive to some ingredients - handy to know.

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