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    Default Gendarme 7 Sinful Scents: Have you tried?

    Is anybody checking out the Gendarme sin scents at Sephora's? The Envious sample (thank you, Shycat) I tried was pleasant, but I'm looking at the white amber in Lust and wondering if it's as good as the blond amber in Guerlain's With Love.

    So, fellow sinners, any thoughts? A small sprayer for $10 would be pretty affordable if any of these lives up to its notes.

    Envious, with asian pear, mandarin, pink lilac, almond, jasmine, freesia, sandalwood, amber and cherry musk.
    Greed, with banana extract, black pepper, Mexican lime, vodka accord, guaiac wood, aldehydes, cedar and cashmere wood.
    Lust, with muguet, water lily, jasmine, Spanish moss, woods and white amber.
    Rage, with bitter orange, mandarin, pimento, rum, patchouli, amber, opoponax, Brazilian vetyver, musk, benzoin and myrrh.
    Vanity, with neroli, African geranium, cypress, nutmeg, patchouli, vetyver and musk.
    Sloth, with bergamot, lime, green lemon, cognac, cardamom, magnolia, pepper and musk.
    Excess, with pepper, rum, dark chocolate, jasmine, patchouli, vanilla, musk and sandalwood.
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    Default Re: Gendarme 7 Sinful Scents: Have you tried?

    They look interesting but I would rather buy a bottle of extract of 7sins.
    I mean if there was such a perfume, I would definitely buy it.

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    Default Re: Gendarme 7 Sinful Scents: Have you tried?

    ;D ;D ;D I steer clear of amber and leather ;D ;D ;D so surely you would love it, my scent opposite friend!!!

    The one's I've tried are Envious, Excess, and Sloth and I wrote reviews, so I won't go into them.

    Good Luck and Love,

    Please, spritz responsibly.

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    Default Re: Gendarme 7 Sinful Scents: Have you tried?

    I don't understand the concept because the scents do not evoke an allegorical representation of The Seven Deadly Sins to me.

    I'm not discussing religion - I'm just making a point. When I was a girl a friend of a different faith had to attend religious classes. One of her assignments was to determine the meaning of her given name from information provided on a mimeographed handout. After a little figuring, Jean Carol meant 'a womanly gift from God'. Fo shizzle! Take my given name for example: Veronica Arthur. Well, St Veronica is notable for her handkerchief and Arthur is usually reserved for men. So my name means Mouchoir De Monsieur? Someone just arbitrarily assigned 'meanings' to the girls' names.

    That is what Gendarme has done.

    The image of the statues of The Seven Deadly Sins becoming animated in Metropolis is haunting. The notes listed for Greed sound more like a daquiri or something. Pretty big difference between greed and alcoholism, really.

    Gendarme would have done just as well naming their line after Snow White's little buddies.

    Rage (vetiver!) and Vanity (more vetiver!) sound really nice in spite of their names; Droopy and Sneezy work just as well.

    (And if anyone teases me about my name - it's curtains for you! Call me Ishmael.)

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