OK, this is probably a traslation from a traslation from a translation, and probably you have done it a hundred times already, and it's obviously silly, but I thought, it's Sunday, and you might have a good laugh with it
Please excuse my English, I'm not a native speaker so some expressions might seem rather wild, but please smile at them! "Much fun!" ;D

Sex and the City Perfume Personality Quiz

Please answer the following questions and write down the answers (as a), b), c) or d))

1.Which colors dominate your wardrobe?

[ch1072]) I like all colors and combinations
b) black, grey, navy blue, olive green, orange
c) white, black and pastel tones
d) all shades of blue and red, black, gold

2. Your style:

[ch1072]) eclectic, trendy
b) office style during the week, sporty at the weekend
c) feminine, classic but fashionable
d) ultra-sexy.

3. Which designer would you choose?

[ch1072]) any among those with a sence of humor
b) would wear what's convenient even if a millionaire
c) only really elegant and feminine clothes - Alberta Ferretti, Ralph Lauren, Oscar De La Renta, Vera Wang
d) *Versace, Cavalli, Gucci and La Perla underwear.

4. Your favourite fashion item:

[ch1072]) chic stilettos and a clutch bag
b) mobile phone and Palm Pilot *
c) my engagement ring, of course
d) apart from an attractive male, noticeable jewelry

5. Your ideal weekend:

[ch1072]) parties, clubs, going out
b) sleep in, no hurry, smth jummy, reading a good book/watching tv as lying at the sofa
c) a romantic weekend with your darling in a nice outdoor resort
d) most of it spent in bed with an attractive man (not that you get much sleep)

6. Three characteristica you find most attractive in a man:

[ch1072]) wit, intrigue, inaccessability
b) honesty, humor, independence
c) good looks, manners and wealth
d) sexuality, potency, power

7. Your friends are:

[ch1072]) the most important - the more the better
b) important are 1-2 close friends
c) important, but your partner is more
d) very important, but not when you are in bed with a man

8. People around you think you to be:

[ch1072]) bright but chaotic personality
b) sarcastic and honest
c) sensible and warm
d) self-secure, and those who are jealous of you- a slut

9. You are never caught at:

[ch1072]) knitting
b) being lost in memories of your ex(s)
c) painting your nails in a loud color
d) talking about problems of ecology or better social laws, except for when you want to impress an attractive man who seems to be interested in one of those themes (though you can't understand, why)

10. Which education have you obtained, obtain at the moment, would like to obtain:

[ch1072]) philology, journalism, philosophy, creative (musician, actor, artist, designer, PERFUMEUR etc)
b) law, psychology, medicine, natural sciences (physics, math, chemistry, biology etc)
c) history, history of arts, cookery. Actually you wouldn't mind being a housewife after graduation.
d) economy, business

Now count your answers: how many a), b) etc.