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    Default Searching for a fragrance..

    Hi girls
    I'm searching a new fragrance for my mother, she likes very much Le Baiser Du Dragon de Cartier and I was searching for a fragrance which is similar or maybe better than this, can you help me?

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    Default Re: Searching for a fragrance..

    Did you know Cartier are launching a new scent in May (in the U.K. at least)
    called Delices de Cartier. The sales assistant who has tried it says it is very
    unusual and has a cherry accord somewhere in it! I adore Le Baiser du Dragon
    and also like Paloma Picasso and Feminite du Bois (Shiseido), so maybe you could
    give one of those two a try.
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    Default Re: Searching for a fragrance..

    Thank you very much!!! my mother wore for years paloma picasso! i think you've got similar tastes so i guess i'll try Feminite du Bois

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    Default Re: Searching for a fragrance..

    Similar Scented or Mood

    Welcome to Basenotes - the descent into perfume addiction starts (and ends) here! LOL ;D

    Le Baiser du Dragon = Hypnotic Poison, YSL Nu, Samsara parfum, Must de Cartier parfum, TBS Altaro

    Paloma Picasso = Piguet Bandit, Hermes Amazone, Dana Intrigue, Estee Lauder Knowing, Montana Parfum de Peau

    Feminite du Bois = Fendi Asja, *Chanel Bois des Iles, Bal a Versailles, Molinard Habanita, Dana Raffinee, TBS Japanese Musk

    They are not all appropriate as gifts for your mum but are good ways to discover a new scent with a similar 'feel' or mood.

    Hope that helps!
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    Default Re: Searching for a fragrance..

    I'll keep that in mind, thank you moondeva

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    Default Re: Searching for a fragrance..

    I believe L'Artisan Parfumeur Timbuktu has a touchstone of similarity with but is also succinctly distinct from Le Baiser du Dragon.
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