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    Default Where to Find Coty's Imprevu?

    I know this hasn't been on the shelves for ages, but does anyone know where, aside from ebay that one could find a bottle of Imprevu? Has it been discontinued, period, or is it available in Europe?

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    Default Re: Where to Find Coty's Imprevu?

    Sorry cannot help you - though there a couple of bargain bottles on eBay right now.

    Can I ask is there a time when older vintage perfumes all smell the same?? :-?

    I have a mini of Chypre by Coty and am now sampling my bottle of Coty Imprevu and they smell basically the same (though I find the Chypre spicier). Is my nose playing tricks on me? In scent they both remind me of the drydown of Chanel Bois des Iles or Dana Raffinee. It must be the sandalwood.

    There must be a 'Cotyade' like the Guerlinade that is common to all their scents because when first applied Imprevu another Coty classic, L'Aimant, came to mind.

    Sorry to ramble - your thoughts please?
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    Default Re: Where to Find Coty's Imprevu?

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    Default Re: Where to Find Coty's Imprevu?

    I have bid heavily on a few Imprevus, but have been outbid by less than a dollar in most cases, so I just gave up. It seems no matter how high you go, there's someone always willing to pass that $1,000.00 mark. LOL I mean come on, I know you have to be prepared to bid a substantial amount, but it seems like certain people on there always get top-rate hard to find fragrances at a dirt cheap premium, and somehow, whenever I bid it gets way out of hand and people wind up paying 3 times what they normally would for something. And it's always the same people who constantly snipe you at the last mintue. [smiley=grin.gif] [smiley=angry.gif] So, I just get disgusted and give up. Although I recall back in the old days when the drug stores were practically giving Imprevu away, as it did not sell as well as Emeraude, L'Origan & L'Aimant. You'd think if someone were offering 30 bottles for sale that at least 10 of tehm would go up as buy-it-nows for those of us who don't have the bucks or the patience to wait out a six-day auction.

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    Default Re: Where to Find Coty's Imprevu?

    Rita, sign up on I've whipped the socks right off some bidders because they have no idea that I was making a "ghost" bid, i.e., they can't see how much you're bidding for something. No one but you knows how much you're willing to pay for an item, and it's well worth the time. I always use it when bidding on scents. Good luck!
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    Default Re: Where to Find Coty's Imprevu?

    Thanks for the tip, Fufu. * Lots of Coty.

    Doing a Dogpile or Google search will sometimes turn up an Internet retailer - that is how I found Vetiver Eau Glacee in Italy. In Italian. Use Google translate. Be patient. Sometimes you have to wade through an unbelievable morass of ineptitude. And don't forget seemingly innocuous misspellings: Carlo Corinto (sic) Vetiver. I imagine Imprevu can get screwed up pretty fierce. Theoretically, the person selling the item has access to that item so he/she could check the label for spelling, I should think. We all make mistakes, but really...

    Sometimes I stumble over items - serendipity. When researching fragrance-to-alcohol percentages last week, I discovered long-discontinued 'masculine' Chamade EdT. And Mahora.

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    Default Re: Where to Find Coty's Imprevu?

    My Mothers favorite scent is Imprevu . I am 47 and disabled from a car accident and have been for years . My income is very low I live on disabillity . I so wanted to get her some . I figured maybe I could get a open bottle on Ebay for a few bucks ...suprise . People are bidding 50 bucks for them a deal is 30 . Price is meaningles . I spent hours looking for a spelling mistake and countless more looking for a imposter or ghost perfume terms I learned in my research . I found one site though I am taken back that they sell witch religious items but oh well nobodies perfect . They make imposter perfume . You must go to fragrences a search will not pull it up you can find Imprevu 1/2 ounce pure perfume under designer fragrences . It is $6 plus $8.50 shipping . They will make soaps and even shampoo all sorts of items with your scent . They make 2000 imposters . I have not used them yet the postage threw me back plus they need a month lead time . I am in no way affiliated with them . This is for your benifit . It took me about 40 hours of research to find this info . If you find a imposter cheaper on postage or have the forumula so I can make it please post or send and hopefully I won't miss the message in a screen . I would buy the perfume if you decant it we are not interested in the bottle just the perfume . Take care the name of the site is .

    Since I posted this I won a auction with a quarter ounce of imprevu perfume on ebay that others dismissed becuase the bottle had only about 20% content . It was worth the wait . Mom was very pleased I went to all the trouble for her . The Laimant came with it a full bottle . I can not tell the difference between it and Wind Song . I have yet to buy some of the Chypre and the ghost from Mobius . That will be next years Christmas gift .

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