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Thread: "lucky"?

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    So it was a friend's birthday today, and I was going to get her a bottle of perfume. Normaly I would be hesitant, because I don't want her to think that I think she smells bad, haha, but she says she's likes to spray this perfume around ehr bedroom when she gets mad/upset, so I thought it would thoughtful on anotehr level.

    The perfume is "lucky". That's all she said.

    I'm guessing it's Lucky You for Women?

    Are there any other perfumes it could be? I was surprised when they had a a box set of Lucky You products at H.E.B. (that's kind of like a Wal-mart for you non-southern USA people) for only 11.99. I almost bought it, but I decided I'd check here first because 11.99 seemed way too cheap.

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    sounds like lucky you to me

    funny, i also have a bottle of lucky you i like to spray around the room

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