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    Default gucci rush alternative

    i'm a fragrance novice and do not own any perfume. the other day my boyfriend made a comment that i smell "lotion-ey" and said that he's into gucci rush. he was supposedly turned on to it by some girl. i want to try using gucci rush but then was a little bothered that it was a scent that he'd come across through another girl. is there another perfume that is similar that might have the same effects on him without it being gucci rush?


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    Default Re: gucci rush alternative

    Welcome to Basenotes!

    Rush is very capricious, one of them love it or hate it fragrances. Can be heady and cloying, or, on the other end of the spectrum, intoxicating and statement-making. Please give it a chance and test it somewhere in the store when your BF is not around. Of course, your situation is a kind of tricky, but if I were you, I would:
    a) make it my own, since different scents behave differently on different skins; or
    b) run away from it, fast!

    After testing, please report what you like or dislike about it, it would make finding an alternative(s) easier. And while in that store, try something totally different. Good luck!
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    Default Re: gucci rush alternative

    Hi and welcome scielenyc!

    Oh, I am such a stubborn girl, more proud than what is good for me, so Iīd probably wear anything but Rush if he had put it that way. Donīt know if thatīs a good advice though *;D. If you fall for it you can wear it...or find something you like even better. Unfortunatley I canīt help you with suggestions similar to Rush, but I am convinced many others here can do that. Or go sampling. Itīs fun. Good luck!

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    Default Re: gucci rush alternative

    I agree with Vinterdroppe, scent memory is a very powerful thing. Seems like he likes fruity chypres, so why not try some & find one as your very own.
    Check out the ozMoz website & their olfactory groups under chypre, fruity. There are 23 suggestions there, including Gucci Rush.
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    Default Re: gucci rush alternative

    Welcome schielenyc,

    I find that Nina Ricci's Deci Dela is somewhat similar to Gucci Rush, just a bit brighter... also in its drydown it's reminiscent of Kenzo's Jungle Elephant a bit... but I would also try Dior Addict which is a bit richer and more heady but they are not that far off... try them all... see what you like and make your own decision... he is your boyfriend and he'll like whatever you choose most likely He chose you and not some other girl after all

    Best of luck, and above all HAVE FUN
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    Default Re: gucci rush alternative

    I know what you mean about feeling uncomfortable and it sure is nice at the first stages of a relationship for a guy to associate you with something uniquely yours ( and not a past flame's scent!) 8-)

    However :

    Whatever guide/site classifies Rush ( you mean the original not Rush 2 , right???) as a fruity chypre , I think they are going out on a stretch.
    If you take that as a sign in which direction to go on to ( and get suggestions like Mitsouko , Femme etc.) I think you will end up in disappointing both of you. *Deci Dela , nevertheless , was a very, very good suggestion , if only because it's a playful , likeable scent , if not too close to Rush.

    In my opinion Rush is a light "gourmand"/oriental *scent ( I have seen it classed in the gourmand orientals in Susan irvine's guide and I agree and I see this on the Michael Edward's system :

    *and from my guess you are both quite young and so it goes without saying that your boyfriend is inclined to be more into gourmands/sweet scents than chypres ( I hate to generalise and all , but hey , it's accurate for most young guys...please , connoiseurs don't throw tomatoes , I am talking about mass population here)

    With that in mind and with the smell of Rush in my head (not just the notes which can be misleading ), I suggest FEU D'ISSEY ( which I think is discontinued now, so anyone being the wiser and trying to copy you will have a hard time - always good policy in affairs of the heart!)
    They share the same milky skin-scent smell with some sweet vanillic drydown. Nice!

    You might also want to try L'artisan SAFFRON TROUBLANT (=troubling saffron) - no, not at your local Sephora , but worth hunting down - *from their Epices de la Passion trio of scents set. It is now marketed as a singular entity and is a very subtle and friendly ,light , sweet semi-oriental .

    Ultimately , you have to test them yourself and see.
    It's also nice if you can get some samples to bring back home and casually ask for an opinion (but tentatively and not too many or he'll get bored : also , try to ask twice on different days on the same scent he liked most - guys not that into perfume can get confused and say contradicting things sometimes....

    Good luck and report back on what happened.

    Edit to add ( this is what they recommend in the same family as Rush on the M.Edwards Fragrance Finder at Sephora *- I don't agree with all , many are too heavy and more oriental than sweet-fruity but do try them , IMO the best one for you is Innocent *and maybe By D&G ) : (two pages , go to the second as well )
    I also reccomend to try Narciso. No connection with Rush , but it's fab!!

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    Default Re: gucci rush alternative

    When Tom Ford was still at Gucci he said in an interview he had taken his inspiration for Rush from Opium by YSL, though the 2 scents are from to different fragrance families.
    I you are not used to wearing perfume or don't like strong perfumes you won't like Rush.

    You could try Rush2 which is a much softer (floral) version of Rush originally made for the Asian Market.

    Or in the same fragrance family as Rush, the fruity-chypre, try the softer Emporio Armani City Glam (in the pink bottle).

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    Default Re: gucci rush alternative

    I am very, very fond of Gucci Rush, itīs a fresh beautiful chypre, in my oppinion. Yet I never owned it, because I donīt like the bottle, and the fragance is also quite ordinary.

    I double cedriceccentric on Armani City Glam as an alternativ to Gucci Rush, because this fragance makes me feel the same way as wearing Gucci Rush, and itīs also a more modern fragance, released 2005. Itīs also less expensive.

    Another alternativ could be Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker, it gives me the same feeling to wear, too. This one was also released 2005, and is my favourite of these, it is really charming. Lovely is even less expensive, which is remakable. Sometimes I donīt understan the prices of perfumes...
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    Default Re: gucci rush alternative

    thank you so much everyone! you guys are great. will make tomorrow a full fledged fragrance shopping day! very excited!

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