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    Default Bandit:  Instant Love

    Oh, Bandit, where have you *been* all my life??

    Just got a bottle in the mail today...came home from the shop and took a shower immediately to remove the Montale from this morning so that I could try it out.

    Oh, my. It begins like a walk through damp grass, all green and a sharp hit of sap. But even then, the leather is there. And the leather gets creamier and saltier on my skin the longer it's there. I'm about about hour #4 now and just starting to smell the oakmoss in the base. My older daughter, a Big Floral lover, is repelled by it. My younger daughter liked the green in the beginning but didn't like the rest..."You smell like Mom-Mom's car!" she said. ;D My husband is unavailable for comment, but...I don't care. I feel so comfortable in this scent, it smells like something I can wear all the time. It smells like something I want to spray on my brush and spread through my hair. Love it, love it.

    I *have* to find a way to talk my husband into wearing it.

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    Default Re: Bandit: *Instant Love

    I want to love Bandit, because I find it fascinating. I haven't gotten past it smelling like an ashtray on me, though. I hated Fracas for years, and now I love it (I'm wearing it right now) so I think I will eventually understand Bandit. I love the name, the bottle, the mood, everything but the smell of it on my skin. I'm just now liking Habanita, so I think Bandit may be next!

    I'm so glad you've found something new to enjoy. Isn't that the best feeling?

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    Default Re: Bandit: *Instant Love

    Bandit does grow on you. When I tried it in my 20's, it was a no go. But, suddenly, in my 40's, it's oh-so-right. It's right there atop the rest of my heavy hitters: Yatagan and most recently Issey Miyake Bleue Por Homme.
    I like spraying it on before bed & waking up the next morning in its faint thralls of civet & leather.

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