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    Default What would I like...?

    OK - I'm calling on the massed experience of this community to give me some ideas on what I might like to try! Call me lazy, but you probably all know a lot better than me!
    I love the following: Mitsouko, Y by Yves St Laurent, Caleche, La Perla, Aromatics Elixir, Cristalle and, softer, Tresor and Ystatis. Whenever I wear Light Blue (D and G) friends at work comment on how lovely it is, which amazes me really as it is very different from those ones listed above that I think are more "me".
    What I'm looking for is that base note that is fruity/spicy ...I think! Rich. But not sandalwoody. There must be something that all my faves have in common in the base notes that I identify with!
    Sorry to ramble on, but am interested to hear opinions.

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    Default Re: What would I like...?

    I'd say that your tendention is chypre, according to your list.

    Why don't you check this ozmoz link for lists of fruity/floral chypres, I think you'll find smth

    As to my personal favs, I'd recommend the Chanels, the Diors, Armani City Glam for her, Diva Ungaro, Narciso Rodriguez and Vivienne Westwood Boudoir.

    If you want smth in the lines of Light blue, you might like Delicious Donna Karan, I Love Love Moschino Cheap&Chic and Eclat d'Arpege Lanvin.

    Good luck and don't forget to post the results of your search, it's always interesting!
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    Default Re: What would I like...?

    Here's some you may like:
    Chanel No. 19
    Chanel Cuir de Russie
    Annick Goutal Mandragore
    Robert Piguet Bandit
    Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely

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    Default Re: What would I like...?

    I think also a direction to lighter or not-so-light chypres is indicated. *

    I suggest :

    Declaration (fab!!!!)
    Chanel #19 in edt
    Givenchy III
    Cristalle EDP
    Gucci III (it's an old scent , white cap)
    Io La perla
    Coriandre Jean Couturier
    Ma Griffe
    Miss Dior edt
    Bulgari au the vert
    Demeter Dirt
    Incanto Dream (for your friends)
    Donna Trussardi ( in white mock-croc bottle)
    Paloma Picasso (if you're into dares)

    Deci dela (for some fruit for your friends... :P )

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    Default Re: What would I like...?

    El's knowing
    rochas's femme
    burberry's society
    anna sui's anna sui
    dior's diorella or miss dior
    givenchy III or organza
    carven's ma griffe
    clinique's simply
    bvlgari black

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    Default Re: What would I like...?

    It looks like you are leaning towards aldehydic types that are somewhat oriental
    some would call that quality perfumey, but not bad at all if you can pull it off

    ever tried

    Coco Chanel, rich, floral, distinctly aldehydic, fruity with fresh vanilla undertones
    Ombre Rose by JCB aldehydic, rose

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    Default Re: What would I like...?

    Great suggestions from everybody and some unusual ones that I may struggle to find. But, yes, I have tried and love Givenchy III and Miss Dior and tested Paloma Picasso last week. I think I like it! Thanks again....many excellent ideas here.

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