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    Default 212 Sexy...a better choice for me that Chanel


    Yesterday I was back at the mall (I pass there on my way to work!) agonizing over Chanel's Chance and Coco Madmoiselle. *They had the mature, *yet age apropriate, aura I was searching for, and I did like them when they were layered with something else, but I was not crazy over them. *Still, that was all I had come across that had appealed to me and was more mature smelling. *I was going to buy one or the other.

    That was until an incredibly helpfull sales lady introduced me to Carolina Herrera's 212 Sexy. *I adore it! *Now I know that those Chanel perfumes were not the best fit for me, because they did not elicit this reaction from me. *The lady helping me didn't have any samples yet, but she spent a long time talking to me, explaining the notes in the fragrance, and spritzing cards for me to try. *I really liked it then and there, but my policy is that I won't let myself buy anything until I have worn it for a few days. *I know myself, and sometimes I will go off a fragrance that I like, practically the next day, so it only makes sense to test run a perfume before you pay so much money for it. *

    This sales lady was SO nice. *She was really upset that she didn't have a sample for me. *She started searching through all her drawers again and again. *Finally she found a 5ml bottle of 212 sexy that she gave to me. *It is a generous size to be getting for free. *I am wearing it right now, and so far I am very pleased. *It isn't as light as the other fragrances I normally have, and it projects quite nicely. *There is something about it that is a nice balance between young and mature. *I hope I continue to like it, because I think I just might have to *purchase a bottle of this. *The only thing that SLIGHTLY bothers me is that when I sniff my wrist I smell a very very SLIGHT whiff of tobacco. *I have heard that some people find it smells a LOT like tobacco, but it is very faint on me. *I think it works well in this perfume, but it's an odd thing to be smelling on myself, since I don't like smoking, and am usually put off by this smell on other people. *

    I noticed that they also have another fragrance that seems exactly the same as 212 sexy except it is a light yellow colour. *It is in the same type of bottle etc. *The sales woman told me that it was very similar smelling to the perfume I liked, it just had a citrusy lemon note instead. *People are buying it up for Summer. *It was also quite lovely smelling. I didn't like it as much initially, but when it dries down it is yummy. * I can't find this other version online (where it is MUCH cheaper than in any store I came across). *Does anyone have any info on it? *Anyone else like 212 Sexy? *I have not seen it talked about here much.

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    Default Re: 212 Sexy...a better choice for me that Chanel

    Did you try Carolina Herrera CAROLINA? The new scent (I guess 2005) - pink juice. Very nice.

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    Default Re: 212 Sexy...a better choice for me that Chanel

    No, I didn't see that one! If it's wonderful also, I will have to try that out before I make my final purchase. I really love Carolina's stuff!

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    Default Re: 212 Sexy...a better choice for me that Chanel

    i thought it was an ok scent but for a sexy scent it's very soft...kinda forgettable.
    i like Carolina better (the pink juice).
    is the other frag you are talking about one of the 212 on ice versions? there is one with a peach-like color.

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    Default Re: 212 Sexy...a better choice for me that Chanel

    Soft? Really? I am normally really into soft scents. Most of the perfumes I have bought so far just vanish on my skin. I find that 212 sexy lasts a bit longer. It might be soft, but compared to what I normally wear, it isn't. Someone gave me a sample of Narciso Rodrigues for her that I actually really like also. I am in trouble now. When I joined this group, I could not find any perfumes that I like. Now I am finding new perfumes weekly! I am going to have to set a limit for myself soon. This is just too much fun though....

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