I'd really like to take part in the SotD Day in April, but I own not a single 70s frag, except for Jovan Musk for Her...

I like Diva Ungaro(chypre floral,1983), so I thought it would be no problem to find something. But I'm shoked to realize that I don't like them. On myself. I couldn't wear them even if I do like some.

I have tested Chloe, Magie Noir, Anais Anais, First, Oscar de la Renta, Charlie Blue, Cinnabar, White Linen, Parure, Nahema and I don't feel enough enthusiasm to own a bottle.
Rive Gauche, Opium and especially Cristalle are options, but there is no "wow" effect :-?
I'm waiting for Mure et Musk sample (keep the fingers crossed) and I'll try Bluebell and Victorian Posy Penhaligon's and maybe Florissa Floris , if I find them.

These are all extraordinary scents, but there is always something that disturbs me. Like, it's too sharp, I get a headache, it's too intense. I'm all lost...

Are there any hidden jems you could recommend?I rely on your taste and knowledge :-*
thanks for taking your time