By the way, I just need to vent for a second about summer versions of any fragrances. I wish that the companies would be more explicit as to what exactly is so different about the summer versions from the original formulations. Every year, it's these vague descriptions like, "an exhilarating summer formula that gently scents and refreshes the skin." I mean, come on--I want specifics. It's not just Estee Lauder that is guilty of this either--almost every company bills their summer fragrances in a similar way.

I want to be given reasons to actually shell out extra money (not that I usually need any). It's like the companies have gotten so lazy that they think the words "limited edition" are enough to lure us in (ok, granted, sometimes we can be that cheap and easy). Seriously, I want concrete descriptions as to why this summerized version of a perfume I already have is going to rock my world. Is that too much to ask??