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    On Ebay,I found R. Piquet VISA but I have never heard about this one. Any idea what it is?

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    Interesting. *I love and own Robert Piguet Fracas and I'm fascinated but cannot wear Bandit...but I hadn't heard of the one you mentioned. *Could it be a typo?

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    No, there is a clear legible name on the pic. No Bandit, no Fracas. Clera VISA. I never heard about it. The pic is of high quality with details. I donīt know....

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    I am not personally familiar with it, but Visa is in the Directory. Since it was first launched in 1945 and discontinued now, it is vintage and antique, and a lot depends on how and where it was stored, if you are looking forward to using it. But, generally speaking, pieces like this are mainly collector's items.

    Why don't you try contacting the manufacturing company directly? Who knows, may be it is of such a great nominal or sentimental value that they will offer you half the kingdom for even looking at it? In this case you will be stocked up with Futur, Bandit and Fracas for the rest of your life! :-)
    Also, try doing the research in antiques catalogues or contacting the reputable antiques experts for more information on it. There should be something about it there. Being a user, not a collector myself, I will be glad to hear about the outcome.

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    Interesting! Hope you tell us how this turns out...

    Just wanted to add that many people spell Piguet with a q...beware of that when you are doing searches on the Internet.
    Everything passes. Everything changes. Just do what you think you should do.
    --Bob Dylan

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    I havenīt found any thread - any mention about this scent.

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    PM sent. No thread that I know of either. :-)

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