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    Default Monthly Vogue scent experiences

    OK Vogue came for me in the mail today and although I never have time to read the stupid magazine I do enjoy flipping through it and coming upon fragrance ads and giving them a little sniff. the funny thing is as i carried it i smelled this very classic sort of feminine-smelling scent. I don't know if "classic" is the word but it just smelled like a very ladylike perfume and I said I have to find out which one that is so . . . this begins my journey

    first there is an ad for Sean John's Unforgiveable and it has a kind of repulsive citrusy sourness but there is also something really intriguing deep down, and i just realized it sort of reminds me of Tsar. Also makes my nose tingle sort of like smelling something mentholated.

    Armani Code for her --something repulsive and fluffy about this. i can't explain it. it smells fluffy. i'm really not thinking right enough to pick out individual notes and my sister is harrassing me on IM as I type this but it just smells sort of musty and sickly sweet

    Valentino V and V Absolu -- YUCK. When I first smelled it I got this sensation of smelling some sort of musty old chocolate cake and I was so disgusted I looked up the notes and I find out it has a prominent fig note? I have never smelled a frag with fig in it and I always thought fig would be something I would like so I am surprised because it must be the fig that is grossing me out.

    OK HEre we gome to the shocker Nautica Voyage -- very nice actually! but I think this is the mystery "lady frag" that I was smelling. pretty funny since it is marketed to men. Agghhh there is so much I want to say but my sister keeps IMING ME

    so anyways. But the thing is when I got around to smelling the strip of Nautica it smelled sort of like the mystery frag but not completely, so what I'm thinking is what I was smelling was just a combination of all these fragrances smushed together, because haven't you noticed whenever you pick up a magazine with perfume samples it always has that nondescript perfume smell? Maybe this is what I was smelling but this time I swear it was more appealing or distinctive than usual. And as I smell the Nautica Voyage strip it smells more and more to me like my memory of the mysterious scent wafting from the magazine. so. funny.

    sorry for the hectic nature of the post

    it was written in very tiring circumstances (nonstop flashing and beeping of the IM window)

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    Default Re: Monthly Vogue scent experiences

    I've had many surprising experiences with perfume ads in magazines. Like things smelled much better live, or also really ugly... :-/
    I don't like the fresh perint smell, and if frags don't smell what they are if you spray them directly on a blank paper stripe in a shop, then what can one expect from a vogue issue?
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    Default Re: Monthly Vogue scent experiences

    The fragrance strips in magazines usually make me sneeze. And I've learned not to pay too much attention to them in judging a fragrance because when you get to the perfume counter it could smell different, especially on your own skin. But yes, I know what you mean about that non-descript perfumey smell. It's nice in the background sometimes, like being at the hair salon. I often catch whiffs of scents there that are so tantalizing from hair products and the hair dryers wafting them around. Sounds like you should check out Nautica Voyage when you get the chance. Just to see if you still get that mysterious note.

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    Default Re: Monthly Vogue scent experiences

    Yeah, also I'm interested in trying out Valentino V in real life to see if it really is as repulsive to me as it was on the strip!

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