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    Default New: The Scent of Peace by Bond n9.


    Name:The Scent of Peace by Bond n9
    Nose: Michel Almairac of Robertet, features

    -top notes of grapefruit and black currant.
    -middle notes of lily of the valley and hedione.
    -base notes of cedarwood and musk.

    The fragrance is packaged in a lavender frosted version of Bond No. 9's signature, star-shaped bottle. Its graphics feature a purple dove drawn "in the spirit of Picasso," said *Laurice Rahme, to symbolize peace

    Two more scents will be released this year Fire Island in June and West Side Story in November.

    Laurice Rahme is also planning to open 2 more boutiques in Manhattan: one in Harlem the other in Chelsea.

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    Default Re: New: The Scent of Peace by Bond n9.

    Thank you, Cedriceccentric for keeping us all up to date! I enjoy reading your newsworthy posts and appreciate your efforts. Always a treat! :-*

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