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    Default Layering=okay, but blending=no way???

    All those little samples...

    I`m waiting for samples from CSP such as Vanille Abricot, Vanille Canelle, Vanille Banane, Vanille Coco, Vanille Peche + some other vanilla, I can`t remember right now. I read that those could be layered, but I would like to (after testing them), maybe blend two of them together in a small atomizer, shake well, and spray away... :

    Your thoughts/experiences when I comes to blending would be interesting to hear!!!


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    Default Re: Layering=okay, but blending=no way???

    I did have to swallow my pride to tell you this, so give me some credit for gettting voluntarily embarassed.

    Many years ago when I was bored and grazy, I mixed huge amount of these juices together: Lagerfeld C, YR Nature Millenaire, Davidoff Good Life, Evaflor`s French Smoking and ylang-ylang oil.
    Omg, I don`t know what I was thinking. I remember my goal was to make something terribly weird stuff, something very special and different. I wanted so badly to smell different than anyone in this whole planet.

    The stuff sucked, let`s put it that way.

    It`s confusing to remember this, but then, I really can`t claim to be mentally healthy to this day. :

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    Default Re: Layering=okay, but blending=no way???

    I believe it usually is best to layer on your skin but you never know what you may come up with by mixing them together. A friend of mine mixes Sege Lutgens Rahat Loukhoum with one of the Santa Maria Novella florals but it requires careful blending and needs to be "aged" before wearing. Her end result is better than anything on the market IMO.
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    Default Re: Layering=okay, but blending=no way???

    Till now my only experience was filling up the half empty sample of Hugo Deep Red, which was sort of too sweet for me, with some cheap fresh "sporty" scent. I actually liked the result, for it made both scnets better to me.I know, it sounds like somthing horrible... ;D
    But I think I'm gonna do that again, for that's the fastest, the simples and also the cheapest way to experiment. Though I would never handle my favoiurites like that.
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    Default Re: Layering=okay, but blending=no way???

    Thanks for your replies!

    I made a little cocktail today, containing a mix of L`Artisans: Drole de Rose, Safran Troublant, Poivre Piquant and Vanilia...

    How it smelled? MUCH!!! : ;D

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