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    I've read in german Elle about 100% LOve by Sophia Grojsman (Tresor, Paris) S-Perfume.
    Red fruit, Musk & Roses. Sounds good to me

    Does anyone know this company? I've never heard of them.

    PS: it's no advertisement
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    That was my scent of the day for Valentines Day. It's a beautiful, soft scent. The company is reliable and includes nice samples of their other scents with your order.
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    Yes. Luca Turin did a little paragraph on them in his blog, back when he had a blog. He bemoaned the cheesy sex theme but liked 100% Love. I got a decant of 100% Love from socalwoman, but I didn't think it was so great! I've reached the amazing conclusion with it and other scents that...that...that I don't like chocolate in a fragrance. Whew, it's hard to put "don't like" and "chocolate" into the same sentence! ;D ;D ;D
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    I am dying to try 100% Love!
    I do love chocolate in fragrances, but not always. It depends where and when... I am not huge on Angel but love it in Borneo and in my own perfumes. I prefer dark chocolate for perfumey uses, rather than caramely chocolate... I am losing some of my sweet tooth when it comes to perfumes for the most part.
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