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    Default What does "Habanita" mean?

    I think I'm going to purchase this one. It will look great next to Fracas. I love the bottle and I think I may finally be able to wear Habanita. Should I test it first? I haven't tried it in years.

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    Default Re: What does "Habanita" mean?

    Habanita means "young woman from Havana", and yes, you should absolutely try before you buy...

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    Default Re: What does "Habanita" mean?

    yes, I also think that Habanita is a Cuban Parisienne...

    Try before, and maybe don't put any near your face, it might be overwhelming
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    Default Re: What does "Habanita" mean?

    Love Habanita,but it lasts forever on your skin. Baby powder,tobacco and vetiver.

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    Default Re: What does "Habanita" mean?

    In Paris, many men (young & old) wear Habanita. It's very popular with a sect of men in the Left Bank.
    In the 60's, it used to be considered one of the "gitane" fragrances for women who followed that beatnik Jean Seberg vibe or the gender-bending young Parisienne who might cop the look similar to Seberg, Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina, or, for you younger gals, Natalie Portman with her newly shorn pixie & Chanel threads.
    Habanita, Molyneaux's "Gitane", Guerlain's Vetiver, Piguet's Bandit & Balmain's Vent Vert & for awhile, in the 70's Rykiel's Septieme Sens were all worn by women who were into the gitane look & lifestyle.

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