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    Default Escada Collection

    Thought I would pass this along:

    This is a phenomenal price for this beautiful discontinued fragrance. I bought mine from the same seller about a week ago and it got here SO fast. It was in the original packaging, sealed and everything. And it smells wonderful. Bidding can get to well over $100 for this scent, so I considered myself very lucky to have gotten my bottle last week. I guess the seller has more than one to sell, so they have posted the ad again.

    NOTE: This is not advertising--I have nothing to do with this seller other than I purchased from them last week. Just had to let y'all know that it is possible to get this fragrance for less than $100. This was a blind purchase for me and I am very happy with it!

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    Default Re: Escada Collection

    I am still kicking myself for not collecting more bottles of this when I saw it at the TJMaxx back last summer. I bought a bottle and later sold it for thirty bucks, following a glut in which others also waited six months to turn the product. I am a terrible capitalist. I always hope that someone who would not be able to afford it otherwise would snap it up, but I know that's not likely to be the case.

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    Default Re: Escada Collection

    I wish someone would create a dupe of Collection. I don't understand why such a great and popular fragrance was discontinued. Ginestet Botrytis is similar to Collection, for my nose, but it's certainly not exactly the same.

    Whoever creates a dupe of this is bound for success! I'd buy it immediately.

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