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    Default Keith Partridge's Scent

    This is pure floof, okay, [smiley=rolleyes.gif] but last night while watching an episode of The Patridge Family, I got to wondering, "What fragrance would Keith Patridge, the epitome of late 60's & early 70's cool, have worn?" Something trendy for the times? Something sophisticated and unsuited to an aspiring rock star? LOL Or something natural in keeping with Keith's no-frills nature?

    Now, on Shirley's dressing table, in one episode, we see a glimpse of a black topped bottle of Arpege. On Laurie's dressing table, in another episode, we see a fleeting glimpse of a striped bottle of Yardley's Oh de London. But nada for Keith. We've witnessed him grooming his hair, readying himself for a date & tying a tie around his neck, changing clothing several times, but nowhere do we see him applying cologne. [At least, not to my knowledge of past episodes].

    P.S. I promise in the future not to ask what Carol, Marcia & Jan Brady wore, I swear...LOL!! [smiley=grin.gif] [smiley=grin.gif]

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    Default Re: Keith Partridge's Scent

    Keith Partridge was my very first celebrity crush!

    I thought of a few: Jovan Musk for Men came to mind initially, but I think this came out a few years after The Partridge Family went away. I think Brut (what a weird name) and Old Spice were pretty popular back then...*involuntarily gags* but they don't seem very "Keith".

    My final thought is Aramis, which was extremely trendy back then, and Keith was a trendy kind of guy.

    What are your thoughts?

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    Default Re: Keith Partridge's Scent

    Keith..*involuntarily gags* !
    Please, spritz responsibly.
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    Default Re: Keith Partridge's Scent

    I think he probably would have done the "bathe in Brut" thing. He never seemed very sophisticated to me. Mind you, I was a bit young when he was the big heart throb (I kinda liked his younger half-brother, Shaun, though).

    "Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving cologne and they go out and smell each other."
    -Karl, age 5

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    Default Re: Keith Partridge's Scent

    Thought this was quite funny:

    This is from episode "But the Memory Lingers On" of the Partridge Family (quoted from

    The Partridge family take a day off from their grinding schedule to picnic, rest their vocal chords, and to enjoy the sights and smells of nature. Their plans are polluted when a skunk wanders into their bus. The animal leaves long before his scent does and so the family is faced with the dilemma of getting deodorized before their very exclusive hotel booking the next day. Reuben, instead of thinking up a solution, gets them into more of a ""stink"" by scheduling them to do a benefit performance that day as a children's hospital. He made the last minute hospital booking hurriedly and without realizing what the Partridges' smelled like. By the time he gets a whiff of what's happened, it's too late to cancel. Leaving Simone, the Partridge dog, in the bus, the family decontaminates one at a time in a nearby motel shower. After much scrubbing and much cologne, there is still a dissenting scent about the perfumed Partridges. Reuben suddenly remembers that tomato juice is a sure-fire skunk odor remover. He orders several gallons and pours them in the tub. To everyone's surprise, the juice works. The sweet-smelling family heads for the hospital in borrowed clothes. En route to their cab, an unsuspecting bellboy opens the bus door, and out flops Simone jumping all over everyone and the Partridges once again have an ""air"" about themselves. Too late for a change, the foul family goes to the hospital where they sing in a glass-enclosed operating amphitheater with the audience well protected from the scent. The sound is piped in through speakers. The young audience is jubilant and the Partridges (after scrubbing down) are jubilant. The sweet smell of success has returned.

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    Default Re: Keith Partridge's Scent

    I just saw that "skunk" episode myself the other evening. [smiley=grin.gif] [smiley=grin.gif] Matter of fact, I kept thinking, 'Yes! Yes! Now we get to see Keith haul out his dimestore-sized bottle of mens' cologne!" LOL But no....

    I, too, had been thinking that Keith might have worn Aramis, or something trendy and flashy - one of those "bachelor" colognes from the 60's like Hai Karate, Jade East or the aforementioned Brut . With no paternal influence, he probably got his chick-luring m.o. from manager Reuben. And, being an Aries male [smiley=wink.gif], he probably likes his colognes to be potent.

    On the other hand, Keith, wearer of puka shells & gauze fabric shirts mgiht have resorted to good old head shop strength hide the aura of "ganja" from Mom..... [smiley=wink.gif] [smiley=grin.gif] [smiley=grin.gif]

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