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    Default HABANITA/lets rediscover

    I sprayed some Habanita Molinard on my hand today, it's 8 hours ago, and I have washed my hands for innumeral times...I can still smell it. The good old classics, they give everything they have.

    Top notes: Mastic, Cedarwood, Lavender, Bergamot, a hint of Juniper berry, Leather notes
    Heart notes: Jasmine, Rose, Peach, Heliotrope
    Base notes: Vanilla, Tobacco, Tonka Bean, Amber, Oakmoss, Musk, Opoponax, Vetiver.

    I found it surprisingly appealing and really wild, I mean, we are talking 1921
    After some time it was rather intruding than strong, but still, I'm amazed.
    It gives a totally different image of a smoking woman Mysterious, brave, who didn't hesitate to cut off her hair and put charcoal on her eyelids
    I mean it serious. And what a name!

    Please write about your rediscoveries, for I'm sure there are so many jewels out there
    There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.

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    Default Re: HABANITA/lets rediscover

    Funny you mentioned was on my mind last night. *I tried it ages ago and I couldn't pull it off, but I just may have the confidence for it now. *I recently ordered Fracas (Germaine Cellier), and I cannot wait until it arrives. *I never thought I could pull off Fracas, but we'll see! Habanita can be purchased at really good prices and the bottle is gorgeous. *I'm definitely going to revisit this soon.

    I love 1920s Ernest Beaux fragrances: *Chanel No. 22, Chanel Gardenia, Chanel Cuir de Russie, Chanel Bois des Iles, Chanel No. 5, Bourjois Soir de Paris, and Worth Je Reviens. *I wear all the Chanels.

    I also love, but don't wear, (Jacques)Guerlain's Shalimar (not today's edt), Lanvin Arpege (Andre Fraysse), Diorissimo, Shocking de Schiaparelli, the original Emeraude (it's very different now), Caron Narcisse Noir and Narcisse Blanc (both Ernest Dalftroff)...oh the list goes on....

    Does anyone know who the perfumer of Habanita is? *

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    Default Re: HABANITA/lets rediscover

    Hi Tovah,

    It was made in 1924 - House of Molinard Perfumer is unknown.

    I got this from this link :

    The notes are listed on there too.

    Once you get to the page (Long long list of different perfumes and notes) press CTRL F on the keyboard and do a search for anything you are looking for.


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    Default Re: HABANITA/lets rediscover

    I first discovered Habanita in 1979 while working in an insurance office. One of the brokers wore it, I liked it on her, and promptly went out to Saks Fifth Ave to purchase a bottle. I think at the time I paid $15 for a bottle of EDT splash (the smallest they had on my $100 per week salary...LOL) At the time, I was in my early 20's, and something about it just did not "click." I was coming off this affair with White Shoulders, so I'm sure it was quite a shock to the nose. Whatever, I sealed up the bottle & put it away in a darl storage place.
    Years later, in the late 80's, I happened upon a perfume shop in the finincial district of Chicago (since long gone, like other unique treasures in this city, gone the way of mass-marketing in dept stores ) [smiley=sad.gif] [smiley=sad.gif] [smiley=sad.gif] [smiley=sad.gif] [smiley=sad.gif] and sprayed on some Habanita. On the way back to the office, I was entranced. By the time I was back at my desk, the Habanita was in full bloom. The next day I went back & bought the black glass bottle. back at home, I unearthed the Saks Fifth Ave initial purchase, and, because of the little plastic stopper that used to accompany most of the high end perfume bottles of the 70's, the Habanita EDT was perfectly preserved. I have been a wearer and a lover of Habanita ever since. The tobacco note is a bit sweeter and more pronounced than it is in Bandit. But I alternate between the two, depending upon the mood.
    I most love Habanita not in the winter and fall (when I should), but crave it when it about 85 degrees in the shade. Don't know why, but I love powdery, sultry, patchouli laced fragrances once the temps heat up. If I were pressed to pick out just two fragrances to tide me through the rest of my days, without question, Habanita would be one of them.

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