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    Default Lush "American Cream" Conditioner

    Anyone familiar with Lush and their "American Cream" hair conditioner? I love the fragrance of that (I use it on my little girls). It's a mostly vanilla scent, but it's not really sweet. It's a bit musky, perhaps (not sure what softens the sweetness, though, really). It's absolutely yummy, and they often get compliments on how nice their hair smells.

    Anyway, if anyone has any familiarity with the scent of the conditioner, do you know of any perfumes that have a similar not-too-sweet vanilla type scent? I'm not the biggest fan of vanilla (sweet things on me tend to get VERY sweet, although some are okay), but if I could find something that smells like "American Cream" I'd be overjoyed.


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    Default Re: Lush "American Cream" Conditioner

    Bonni--that's hilarious that you bring up American Cream because I was on Lush's website today during one of my classes (why they let us have wireless Internet access in every classroom I will never know) and I was contemplating ordering that product in particular. Anyway, I will probably make an order in the next day or two, as I don't get to New Orleans (where I used to live, and also the closest Lush store is there) as much as I would like these days because I have so much schoolwork.

    Once I receive it I will get back to you re: your post.

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    Default Re: Lush "American Cream" Conditioner

    This is a very moreish scent in SMALL doses!

    I found it to be a bit like an elegant strawberry daiquiri type of scent. The notes are:
    Vanilla, Honey, Sweet Orange, Strawberry, Clary sage, Lavender, Benzoin.

    I do believe that it is the last 3 notes which stop it from smelling like a sickly sweet milkshake.

    Unfortunately I don't know of many perfumes like this. I would say that you could try Diesel Zero Plus feminine which is an affordable strawberry vanilla scent, very summery with a wonderful fresh coconut skin nuzzle juice dry down.

    I also think you could mix a dupe using the Body Shop perfume oils: Vanilla, Satsuma, Strawberry with a drop or two of Clary Sage & Lavender EO. *determines to experiment*

    Other Niche and etailer specialists will have to suggest some other non-mainstream alternatives for you.

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