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    Default Perfume Fanatics: The Next Generation

    My four year old daughter is a bit of a perfume fan. Her older sister (age six) likes perfume if I offer it to her and has been known to get a can of fragranced body spray (you know, the "all over" very, very light stuff you can buy in a grocery store) out of the bathroom cabinet and put it on, but mostly she's not that into it. The little one, though, always gets excited when I get a new shipment of fragances and she always wants to know if they're "to keep" or "to sell" and if they're "to keep" she wants to wear them.

    She'll tell anyone in hearing shot that her "favorite peefeeum" is Sunflowers!

    Today we had a shower together and afterward when we were getting dried off and such I got out my Opium (body lotion and EDT). She saw it and said, "Oooh, I want to wear that!" I told her I didn't think it was really appropriate for a little girl, and she said, "Sure it is!" I did manage to persuade her to have something else (she's wearing Spiced Green Tea). At one point during the coversation, though, she asked if she could wear Tresor... : (Yesterday she was wearing Alfred Sung Paradise, which was actually extremely nice on her, maybe better than it is on me!)

    I wonder if anyone else here has a kid who's a fragrance fanatic? It's not surprising that kids get interested in what their parents are interested in, of course, but I found it pretty funny that when I told her she couldn't wear Opium she asked for Tresor. I don't think there are too many four year old kids who know many perfumes by name! LOL! ;D

    "Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving cologne and they go out and smell each other."
    -Karl, age 5

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    Default Re: Perfume Fanatics: The Next Generation

    That is the most precious thing I've ever heard! Your little story made my day.

    I have two sons and I've always wished for a daughter. *I love hearing about budding perfumistas. *And your daughter's got wonderful taste, too. *

    My sons like to pick fragrances for me to wear if I ask them to, but I think this is more to make me happy than a true wish to smell my fragrances. *My 11-year old son, however, has every scent of Axe in body spray, body wash, and deodorant, so I know I'm teaching him the right stuff!

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    Default Re: Perfume Fanatics: The Next Generation

    I began using lavender essential oil during reflexology on my daughter as an infant. She is now 8 1/2 (you have to add the half) and has an excellent nose. She'll mix beautiful blends with my stash of EO's: this one's for "healing", this one is "for my cat". She even has a custom fragrance from Creative Scentualizations which she named "Kitty Sparkle Magic", an extensive Imp collection from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and innumerable samples. If it's sweet or fruity (especially sweet AND fruity) she'll try it. The SA's at Bloomies know her & know she really likes the Escada summer frags, so they always make a point of showing them to her.

    We love sharing an interest in fragrances! Often times Sofie will pick my fragrance of the day. She has a marked preference for Caron's Nuit de Noel & Guerlain's L'Huere Bleue. In fact, she told me that when I've had to work late, she likes to sleep on my pillow because it smells like Mama.

    *insert happy tears icon here
    "You smell like sunshine and happiness."

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    Default Re: Perfume Fanatics: The Next Generation

    That was a great story and your daughter sounds so cute. I love to hear about new enthusiascs and especially young ones. I'm young so hearing that there are even smaller kiddies makes me happy.

    I plan on introducing my kids to fragrances when they are little as well. They can decide if they like it or not but I'm deffinately going to give them a special opportunity to not be the "smelly kid" in the class. Son or daughter, they will get all kinds of chances. This will probably be my most supported thing my kids do. I can't wait to have some of my own. You lucky people...

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    Default Re: Perfume Fanatics: The Next Generation

    I appreciate your sharing your story.
    "I live in the garden, I just sleep in the house." -- Jim Long
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    Default Re: Perfume Fanatics: The Next Generation

    What precious stories!

    I have to share this...

    When I was verrrry little, my grandmother gave my sister (who is five years older than me) and me a perfume that I cannot remember the name of--I just remember referring to it as "Violet Perfume". Even at such a young age (3 or so?), I LOVED perfume. I LOVED my new perfume so much, in fact, that one day (and I'm pretty hazy on the details here) I mixed the perfume with its matching powder in one of those little measuring cups that come on top of children's medicines. And then I drank it. Of course I was not pleased with the taste. I'm sure I told my sister (sheesh--for all I can remember she could have been egging this little experiment on), who in turn told my mother, who then called Poison Control. I can't remember the exact remedy (lots of milk, maybe?), but I did not have to visit the doctor. But I learned that perfume, no matter how much I love the scent, does not taste nice.

    I wish I could remember the name of this perfume--I looked around on the Internet, but it is tough when you have such few details to go on. I remember it was in a white, round-faced bottle with violets painted on the front. I think there was a purple ribbon around the neck of the bottle. It was a splash, not a spray. I thought maybe it was by Crabtree & Evelyn, but I can't find any information confirming that. I remember when I received the original Victoria's Secret perfume ("Victoria&quot several years later in middle school, I thought it smelled a lot like the good old "Violet Perfume". Luckily I was old enough by that time to know not to drink my scents!

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