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    Default Secret De Venus, Weil

    Has anyone tried this classic ?
    If possible can you give a discription, and does anyone know the various notes in this fragrance ?
    One thing I cannot understand about this is that in ebay the vintage stuff is selling for $300 upwards, but the more modern stuff is dirt cheap, selling for $5-10, (same company).
    Is there such a radical difference between the old and the new, and if so what is so special about the vintage stuff that it sells for these crazy prices ? !!! is surely not to do with the vintage flacon which is rather ugly !
    Any help/comments much appreciated.
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    Default Re: Secret De Venus, Weil

    The notes are lavender, bergamot and spice, sandalwood and patchouli. The aficionados say the vintage has different ingredients or better ingredients -- anyway, it smells better -- than the new.

    To me, it's more patchouli than anything.

    It's supposed to be very attractive to the opposite sex, and back in the day, we used to call it "Secret of Penis." ;D

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