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    Default Wedding Day ~~~ My Queen!???

    Hi everyone...

    I know, I know!

    It's been probably discussed to death already! But I'm quite nervous about making a wrong choice for that special day and I so want to smell unforgettable.... Please any suggestions would be so greatly appreciated at this point! I love gourmand fragrances... love the scent of almond and vanilla, I like spice too... My favorites are Aimez Moi, Addict, Initial... but I also love Trouble, and Brit and Burberry... and Herve Leger, and Youth Dew Amber Nude.... oh and Le Baiser du Dragon too!

    So I have not even smelled My Queen yet, but that name to me just sounds perfect for a day like a Wedding Day... Any opinions on this.... The wedding is at the end of April... it could be still cold out there as I'm from Canada but who knows it could also be warm... which one sounds the best to you for that day? Feel free to make suggestions that are not on my list also....

    Many thanks for any suggestions....
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    Default Re: Wedding Day ~~~ My Queen!???

    ooh! Congratulations! I'm getting married too, in October, and I'm wearing MyQueen today.

    It is a lovely scent, and I think it works much better for me on cold days than warm ones. *It gives me a real "Snow Queen" feeling on icy days. Much as I love it, I probably won't be choosing it for my wedding, thinking about Cristobal (my fella adores the bloke's Cristobal), an Ormonde Jayne or possibly Chanel #5. Or even maybe Carnal Flower, which I'm very attracted to. My wedding dress picture smells of CF since I stashed it in my sample box *

    I think as long as you find something that you love, it will be difficult to make a "wrong choice". I'm regarding this as a great opportunity to take my time trying lots of samples before adding something very special to my collection.

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    Default Re: Wedding Day ~~~ My Queen!???

    I would go with the Aimez Moi. There's something about any Caron fragrance that makes it the "perfume of parties." The woods & the resin notes are so deep, meaningful & ritualistic and the florals are so rich, genuine & Parisian!

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    Default Re: Wedding Day ~~~ My Queen!???

    Have you tried Mazzolari Alessandro? It is the most beautiful almond/vanilla ever. If you could get hold of a small decant for that special day, it would be well worth it.
    Best wishes!!
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    Default Re: Wedding Day ~~~ My Queen!???

    Goddess, Hebe, I am so happy for you!

    I would avoid Passion, White Diamonds, Diamonds & Emeralds, Diamonds & Rubies, Diamonds & Sapphires, *Black Pearls, Sparkling White Diamonds, Brilliant White Diamonds, Gardenia and Forever Elizabeth.

    (The jinx factor.) *

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    Default Re: Wedding Day ~~~ My Queen!???

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I wish you the best!

    For Orientals: I've been hearing a lot about Fifi Chachnil these days. I haven't gotten my hands on a sample yet. After seeing the scents you like, based on the notes I've read about, I think you may want to try it. Also, try Laura Mercier L'Heure Magique. To me, it's a "spring" oriental. I think the most elegant oriental I've tried is Anne Pliska. Have you tried it?

    For Gourmand: Ginestet Botrytis, or Lea St. Barth may be nice. Botrytis is more elegant to me. In the almond-vanilla category, I love Keiko Mecheri Loukhoum, but I don't know whether or not it would be a good wedding fragrance. I think it may be too cuddly, but, then again, it could be "dressed up."

    If it's warm maybe Carnal Flower (as Hebe suggested...congratulations to you, too Hebe!!!!) would be pretty, or the classic La Chasse aux Papillons. I'm having an intense affair with Carnal Flower right now, so it's clouding my nose sense. If you don't like florals, neither of these would be good for you, though.

    If all else fails, I agree with RitaMae: You can't go wrong with a Caron. Aimez Moi is lovely and it would be a great fragrance by which to remember your wedding.

    I'm so happy for you

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    Default Re: Wedding Day ~~~ My Queen!???

    I don't know why, but J'adore "smells" like wedding to me!

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    Default Re: Wedding Day ~~~ My Queen!???

    Quote Originally Posted by Kitty_Kat
    I don't know why, but J'adore "smells" like wedding to me!
    I think so, too. Maybe it's the florals, smells like a church full of flower arrangements.

    "Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving cologne and they go out and smell each other."
    -Karl, age 5

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    Default Re: Wedding Day ~~~ My Queen!???

    Hello everyone and thank you for your helpful suggestions

    Hebe Congratulations! You will be a dream Cristobal too is truly dreamy so I think your really onto something there

    RitaMae... Thank you for suggesting Aimez Moi to me that's one of the most beautiful scents and I'm definitely considering it

    Socalwoman thanks for suggesting Mazzolari Alessandro, never had the pleasure but will look into it thanks for well-wishing

    Veronica ma dear that was almost a complete list of the ones I'd avoid at all cost for my wedding day and thank you for the reminder!!!

    Tovah you've given me a full plate here to experiment with and search out... I'll have to take you up on this and maybe one of those might end up being the ONE

    Kitty_Kat & Bonni Hall thank you for J'adore I'll give it a shot again... Last time I sampled it there was an intense love/hate thing happening between us... I like J'adore but she didn't like me... but the time before I was not so sure of it and yet I got lots of complements on it... Never know... she might want to make friends after all....
    "Of the five senses, the sense of smell is incontestably the one that best conveys a sense of immortality."

    Salvador Dali

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    Default Re: Wedding Day ~~~ My Queen!???

    Goddess, Congratulations on your wedding! And Hebe too!
    It must be the spring fever season and love is in the air... Spring is so beautiful for wedding!
    I find My Queen to be a "cold" oriental - it's very similar to Kingdom but without the cumin (which in my opinion makes it interesting and warm).
    I associate florals with weddings; White florals are often used in bridal bouquets - neroli and orange blossom (Fleurs d'Oranger and Narcisse Noir come to mind), lilly (Diorissimo), tuberose (Noix de Tubereuse, White Potion), gardenia (Gardenia Passion, Chanel's Gardenia), jasmine (A La Nuit, Moon Breath, Tamya), white rose or any rose for that matter...Rose are always so beautiful, and are both sensual, romantic and pure (Bvlgari Femme, Ce Soir de Jamais are both very nice, or a green rose scent like l'Ombre Dans l'eau and Ivoire or for a gourmand rosy scent - Cabaret from my collection for a gourmand slightly powdery rose that smells like rahat loukum/Turkish delight) or a lovely floral bouquet - Spring Flower is one of my favourites.
    But of course, you don't always need to go by those traditions. I think anything that makes you happy would be a good choice for your wedding day. Amies Moi sounds like a great choice.

    Since you like spicy and gourmands, how about Opium Eau Imperiale - it's really lovely, and since it is a limited edition it's going to be even more special. It's perfect for warm weather - and is very similar to the limited edition from last year - Fleur de Shanghai.
    Is your wedding in the evening or during the day?
    You may also want to try Nu (YSL) - if you like Kingdom and Addict I think you will like it. It's a bit gourmand and a bit spicy - a modern oriental. If you like Coco Mml and/or Allure - Alllure Sensuelle may be a good choice as well. It's slightly spicy with a hint of cool patchouli as in Coco Mml, and has that delicious amber and vanilla gorumand base as Allure.

    Wishing you happiness and a joyful wedding!

    Ayala Moriel, Perfumer
    Ayala Moriel Parfums
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    Default Re: Wedding Day ~~~ My Queen!???

    * * * *I always associate Chanel No. 22 with weddings! * *[smiley=chanel.gif]

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    Default Re: Wedding Day ~~~ My Queen!???

    wow - some lovely ideas! Thanks for your congratulations too. Goddess - all the very best, let us know what you choose! Not long to wait now!

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    Default Re: Wedding Day ~~~ My Queen!???

    Hi can I also suggest Angel Lily that was one of the nominations in some bridal magazine I ran across
    Best of luck to GoddessD and Hebe on their wedding ;D

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    Default Re: Wedding Day ~~~ My Queen!???

    If I am too late, then oh well, but congratulations to the brides to be.

    I think that you should wear something you have already tried a tested, a fragrance that you know he likes and that you love. On my wedding day I wore the fragrance that I wore when me met, a fragrance that I wore often and that he loved. Lots of memories in that fragrance.

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