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    Default Question about Kenzo's "Flower" perfume


    Right now I am very drawn to Flower by Kenzo...I was talking about it here this morning I believe. I am confused by something though. I think when I tried it on in the store, the perfume was in a tall red bottle. I have a perfume sample that the sales lady gave to me, and it is also in a little red sample bottle. Well, I was at a different mall today, and naturally I stoped by a perfume store I found. They were selling Kenzo perfume, but it was in a clear bottle this time. It smelt very similar to the first Kenzo flower perfume that I tried. The guy in the store said he had never heard of the Flower perfume in the red bottle, but I know I am not crazy because I have seen it in stores, and online!

    Could someone with a more sensitive nose explain the differences between these two? Both were listed as perfumes and not eau de toillete. I was wearing the Flower perfume (red bottle) when I went out, so I was having a hard time detecting the differences in the Flower (clear bottle.) Are they the same thing, or really different? One smelt sweater to my nose.

    I love the smell of vanilla/almond perfumes, but some I find sickly sweet when they dry down on my skin. Flower (red bottle) was okay (still a TAD sweet though.) Is the perfume in the clear bottle the same thing but softer? I definitly want to get one or the other, I just wasn't able to decide today!!

    Help me make my purchase! Hehehe.

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    Default Re: Question about Kenzo's "Flower" perfume

    You should also try to sample MyQueen it was the same powdery violet notes as KenzoFlower but with a soft woody drydown. Very good!

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    Default Re: Question about Kenzo's "Flower" perfume

    I read the reviews on Flower last night, but only one person differentiated between the red bottle and the clear bottle. So far I am leaning towards the red bottle, because it smells similar to hynotic poison, but without the fragrance notes I found gross. It is bothering me though that I could not tell the difference between the clear bottle and the red bottle. Anyone have both, or smelt both? I would really like to get one.

    ( My cats give it two paws up by the way. Some of my perfumes they hate, but this one they love to sniff on me and I get lots of cuddles when wearing it. Hehehe.)

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    Default Re: Question about Kenzo's "Flower" perfume

    Kenzo Flower Satin (red bottle)

    Kenzo Flower (clear bottle)

    I have sold both of these in my store and the word is that the Satin was made in limited quantity, yes it is sweeter and more powdery scent.


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    Default Re: Question about Kenzo's "Flower" perfume

    Limited quantity! I hate that word! I will have to order a bottle then. I like them both, but I was wondering what the difference was. I will probably get the red bottle, since it is around for a short time. If I adore it, I can always go for the clear bottle fragrance in the future.

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    Default Re: Question about Kenzo's "Flower" perfume

    I thought it was :
    clear bottle: FlowerbyKenzo original
    red bottle: FlowerbyKenzo Le parfum
    clear bottle with black flower: FlowerbyKenzo oriental.

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    Default Re: Question about Kenzo's "Flower" perfume

    Castorpollux is right.
    But Flower Le Parfum, one in red bottle is not limited edition. Flower Le Parfum was launched at the end of 2003 and this fragrance has three textures:
    15 ml is most concentrated and it is fluid
    50 ml is parfum
    75 ml is satin skin spray - kind of, let's say dry oil.

    Follow the link to find out more about Flower Le Parfum

    "The story of FLOWERBYKENZO continues with three new sensations, three modern, passionate variations for a new experience of pleasure: FLOWERBYKENZO LE PARFUM.

    The olfactory emotion of the eau de parfum is heightened to give birth to a soft floral oriental.

    Three textures, three bottles for three different gestures.

    First, a scarlet red stem reveals a 50 ml perfume spray (18% concentration). In one gentle gesture, soul and heart are enveloped in an enticing veil of floral and oriental softness. The largest of the three bottles contains 75 ml of satin-skin perfume. A soft texture close to a very fragrant dry oil (12.5%), like a garment for the skin. A perfect excuse to wrap your arms around yourself, a tender caress you want to give yourself.
    The smallest bottle preciously holds 15 ml of a delicate, unctuous and extremely concentrated fluid (22%). A drop, carefully applied to the base of the neck, or on the wrists, suffices."

    You can also check

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    Default Re: Question about Kenzo's "Flower" perfume

    hi there - a comment on the Kenzo. Kenzo Le Parfum in the lovely red bottle is a much creamier more intoxicating scent. I bought the "regular" -- the EDP -- (in the clear bottle) and now with barely using it, I've gone and ordered Le Parfum because I couldn't stop thinking about it. Duh. They're both nice, I guess one could say it depends on your personal taste - Le Parfum is heavier, but maybe less sweet.

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    Default Re: Question about Kenzo's "Flower" perfume

    The red bottle (Le Parfum) is far more vanillic. Although thematically the contents of both clear bottle and the red bottle build on the same powdery violets, the base of the parfum is nowhere near as shrieky and is much richer.

    The one in the clear bottle smells magnificent on my friend. I couldn't do either of these, because powdery notes amplify on my skin and overtake whatever else is meant to occur. A lack of full development (a problem shared with KM Loukhoum) interferes with my satisfaction of both these Kenzos.

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    Default Re: Question about Kenzo's "Flower" perfume

    Has anyone tried the FlowerbyKenzo Oriental?

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    Default Re: Question about Kenzo's "Flower" perfume

    i have the original in clear bottle - i like it because it has a slight detergently scent to it. most might dislike. but i really like that fresh clean soapy scent.
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    Default Re: Question about Kenzo's "Flower" perfume

    At first, I didn't know what to think of Kenzo Flower. It has a synthetic kick to it, and I normally don't go for that, but in this case, it was so deliberate, it was aesthetic, not cheap. Kinda like some of the CdGs. And it was sweet and powdery, and I like dark and spicy. So I thought about it for 8 months before buying my first bottle, and now I have EVERY TYPE THEY MAKE. Good grief. (But full disclosure, I am a Kenzo junkie.)
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    Question Re: Question about Kenzo's "Flower" perfume

    elf - do you have the summer version that is alcohol free? that one also smells great - i would love to get a sample of's definitely a little fresher than the original.

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    Default Re: Question about Kenzo's "Flower" perfume

    I know what you're talking about and saw it here in Europe this summer, but only 1 or 2 bottles, and it's gone now. You'd probably have to do an internet/ebay search for it, it was really nice.
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    Default Re: Question about Kenzo's "Flower" perfume

    Flower Le Parfum Just a Drop 15ml and satin skin spray texture 75ml seem discontinued.

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    Default Re: Question about Kenzo's "Flower" perfume

    Quote Originally Posted by tinker424
    Has anyone tried the FlowerbyKenzo Oriental?
    Yes, it's nice. Floral combined with incense.

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