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    I tried my sample of Chergui before bed last night. *There is nothing like fragrance epiphany...all I could think is "Chergui, where have you been all my life?" *And, "How have I managed to live this long and not have encountered you, Chergui?" *(Yes, I talk to fragrances.) Any other honey/tobacco fragrance pales in comparison to the beauty of this one! *Thanks to Basenotes I've been inspired to try fragrances I hadn't gone out of my way to try. *deep heavy sigh* *And those masterpieces, like Chergui, are truly enriching my life.

    Chergui reminds me of something...anyone have any ideas? *Could it be Ginestet Botrytis?

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    I have also recently sampled Chergui and felt "in love" with it. This may seem odd but it reminds me of Vol De Nuit. It shouldn't because the ingredients are different but it does.


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    I can definitely smell Douce Amere notes in the beginning

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