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    Default Fragrance newbie and recent purchases

    Hello everyone!

    I am loving this group! It is amazing how far a little fragrance knowledge can go. Before, I knew nothing. I would walk into a store, sniff a few perfumes, and buy something I thought was just okay. I didn't even know that you were able to ask for samples...and that it was quite normal to do so!!! Now I am learning what notes I am smelling in perfumes, and I'm starting to figure out what I actually like! Out of everything I have come across, I love Bvlgari pour femme the best! It is the first perfume I have run into in all my 26 years that I just want to cover myself in. I really really like it, and I ordered it online. I can't wait for it to get here!!!!

    I decided (with some encouragement from the people here) that it's okay to have different perfumes that you wear. I always thought that the goal was to find your signature perfume, but now that I realise I don't need to go for this, the whole process is much more fun. Last night I bought a small 1.7 oz bottle of Chance (by Chanel). I have been playing around with a sample one of the sales people gave me at the Chanel booth, and it's a great perfume for me to wear to work. I don't LOVE it like I do the Bvlgari, but it's different than what I normally go for, and I need something for those days I don't want to smell too floraly. I have enjoyed wearing it to work this week. When it drys down, it is actually very light, so I don't find it too overpowering to wear around others.

    I seem to have a love/hate relationship with vanilla/powdery perfumes. I remember smelling Boucheron's Trouble and Hypnotic Poison a few weeks ago, LOVING them, and ordering them online. I had regrets the next day. When they get here, I have to return them, because I went off their smell so quickly. I was going to the store and spritzing them on myself to get a feel for them, and I knew after a day that they were not for me. I think that for perfumes with Vanilla, I like it when they are freshly applied on the skin. When they dry down to the basenotes and the vanilla really starts to show itself, that's when I dislike it. Some just smell too sweet on my skin. It's weird because I don't mind the smell of vanilla...infact, perfumes that have some suck me right in!

    Last night the lady who sold me my Chanel perfume, gave me a sample of Flower by Kenzo to try (in the red bottle). I liked it so much, I wanted to buy it on the spot...but I resisted! It really applealed to smelled similar to Hypnotic poison, but without the few yucky notes that I did not care for. This morning, I can really smell the vanilla. I think I do need to have a powdery/vanilla perfume in my collection, since I am drawn to this smell for some reason. I am just worried (and perplexed) because if the fragrance goes too vanilla during the dry down, I start to feel ill. Any thoughts on Flower? Would this be a good choice for me, or do people find the vanilla too much? I could get the Eau de Toillette you think this would go on a bit lighter?


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    Default Re: Fragrance newbie and recent purchases

    I'm starting to come to the conclusion that attractive, sweet notes should be confined to my soaps. A sweet heliotrope or almond scent, a warm vanilla, can be wonderful for a short time, but wearing such delicious notes nauseates my sweet tooth (or nostril). So, I'm enjoying the process of selecting sweetly scent soaps to enjoy in the shower (and for a short time after) that compliment less-sweet fragrances. For instance, a sweet fig soap followed by a greener fragrance of Fig Leaf & Cassis. I guess I just don't like to wear "dessert."
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    Default Re: Fragrance newbie and recent purchases

    I have a very vanillic perfume, who I wear at special occations, not every-day. I do belive that oneself feels the vanilla much stronger than others. Others dont get disturbed.

    I have smelled Flower by Kenzo in the red bottle, and it is a really beautiful fragance, a perfume I myself could imagin to wear. I suggest that you test it one more time, and ask a friend what he/she thinks about the drydown. If Im right about how others smells vanilla-drydown on you, your friend will like the drydown, and you can buy your lovely perfume.

    If Im wrong, than do the same with the EdT.

    Good Luck!
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    Default Re: Fragrance newbie and recent purchases


    I have found that I can't really say that I don't like a particular note. It just all depends. It seems that the strength of the note and how well it blends with everything else makes all the difference. So the same note in one perfume may be fabulous. In another perfume it may be terrible. In other words the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Also beauty is in the nose (and the body chemistry) of the beholder.

    I have also been learning a lot and am trying to pick out notes in perfume. It's a lot of fun and immensely enjoyable. I discovered Basenotes (luckily) because I was frustrated with my ability to make wise fragrence purchases. I would feel overwhelmed and uncertain about my ability to even choose a perfume that I would like.

    I have learned a lot but I have a long way to go. That's great though because the journey is so much fun.

    So, thank you Basenotes!



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    Default Re: Fragrance newbie and recent purchases

    I'm on the journey with you CaribbeanBlue79.

    It seems the more I smell, the more my taste expands. I have and love BLV Notte and Chance, and they never fail to get appreciative compliments. I've tried Kenzo Flower a few times, but it just doesn't work on me. I think it's a fabulous fragrance, but it gets very odd on my skin. Instead of vanilla, I get licorice, and I don't like the smell of licorice. Oh well. As for vanilla, I've reached the same stage with vanilla as Margarita, I think. I used to have many vanilla-based scents, but I don't love them as much as I used to. Hypnotic Poison, Talco Delicato, Lea, CSPs, etc. for examples, seem cloyingly sweet to me after a few hours, but I used to wear them often and not feel this way. Even Loukhoum, which I still adore, must be sprayed gently or it's overwhelming. Maybe I o.d.'d on vanilla

    I think if you love Flower you should have it, absolutely. It's wonderful to see you enjoying all your new fragrances!

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    Default Re: Fragrance newbie and recent purchases

    Yes, this is all so much fun! I am LOVING all these different smells. My favorite thing is getting up in the morning, and choosing a perfume to wear, just like I select my clothes. I can have smells that reflect my mood, or pick something that makes me feel a certain way. I felt so good today when I was out, knowing that I smelt divine. (At least to my nose anyway! Hehehe)

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    Default Re: Fragrance newbie and recent purchases

    I've worn perfume for many years, but until recently I didn't know a great deal about it. I had some that I quite liked, and I knew some I didn't like, and I was familiar with some basic perfume terms, but other than that...

    Anyway, I know just what you mean about how exciting it is to learn these things. I have a whole drawer full of perfumes now, where I used to have two or three bottles that I wore only "on special occasions" (which is silly, because perfumes are meant to be worn and enjoyed, and I've actually had a few go off on me because I "saved" them too long!). I love picking what to wear, to suit my mood or the setting, etc. It's great fun, and although it's a somewhat expensive hobby, it's not any more expensive than some others I've had, and it gives me so much pleasure.

    I just wanted to say, "I hear you!" on the whole perfumes thing. It IS very exciting, interesting, and I, for one, find it highly addictive!

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    Default Re: Fragrance newbie and recent purchases

    Yes it is addictive! My problem is that I keep running into captivating, unique scents. I have bought several over the past few weeks, but more keep popping up! I like wearing a perfume that captures a certain mood, or reflects how I am feeling. I keep running into new perfumes that work on different levels. I have found something sensual that I adore (great for before bed, or when I want that warm, enveloped feeling), something floral yet commanding for work, something fresh and alert for those days when I need a pick me up, something alluring for those nights goes on and on! What is terrible is that in only a matter of a few days I have found about 4 new perfumes that I want. Mind perfume collection is minimal at best. I only have 3 perfumes that I will wear (and two that I have had for 4-5 years now and need to be thrown out). I want a whole bunch, so I can really have that variety I crave. I think if I could have about 7 different scents to choose from, I will be less likely to get sick of one perfume (like I have done in the past.)

    My boyfriend has been teasing me about all this perfume I have been buying. He nearly choked when we were out last night and I spend $100.00 on a fragrance. He made a joke about me saving my money and just rubbing the $100.00 bill on my wrists instead. He doesn't understand the need for many perfumes, because he has worn the same cologne for YEARS. I KNOW I could not wear the same thing, day in and day out. First of all, it would not suit my mood. Secondly, I would quickly get tired of smelling the same thing all the time.

    It's nice to have a chance to talk to other people who appreciate a lovely fragrance. This group has helped me SOOOO much. Whenever I go shopping, I can't wait to rush home and tell you guys about what I found!

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    Default Re: Fragrance newbie and recent purchases

    Quote Originally Posted by Caribbeanblue79
    I KNOW I could not wear the same thing, day in and day out. First of all, it would not suit my mood. Secondly, I would quickly get tired of smelling the same thing all the time.
    Yeah, I agree. I get tired even of my favorites, and some perfumes, I think, are just better experienced on a "now and then" basis.

    Whenever I go shopping, I can't wait to rush home and tell you guys about what I found!
    I've got a big shipment of perfume coming today. Most of it is for sale (Mother's Day is a big time of year for perfume), but some of it is just for me. You can bet I'll be writing reviews and talking about my new fragrances! ;D

    "Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving cologne and they go out and smell each other."
    -Karl, age 5

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