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    Default mental block- HELP!

    hello ;D i have this perfume bottle in my mind and i cant remember the name of it! it is a bright green swirly shaped bottle and the lid is dark pink/purple metallic, shaped like a flower. ive been in to a few shops looking for it, desperate to put an end to my haunting day dream but cant see it anywhere!

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    Default Re: mental block- HELP!

    Hi carissadaisy
    I think you're talking about Les Belles by Nina Ricci... I might have the spelling wrong though... Hope this helps

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    Default Re: mental block- HELP!

    Hi again,

    take a look at this link is this it:

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    Default Re: mental block- HELP!

    Romeo Gigli?

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    Default Re: mental block- HELP!

    Agree with BlackLace: the one that you are describing is The Green Belle -- Liberte Acidulee (a nice spring scent with a touch of tomato leaf!). There are five of them altogether, and the hardest one to get is the dark blue one -- Belle de Minuit (chocolate, spices, Kaluha).

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    Default Re: mental block- HELP!

    yes! thank you blacklace, my mind is at rest. that sounds like a wonderful scent. next time i am out satisfying my olfactory senses i will request it by name, the lady at the counter wont be giving me crazy looks! That dark blue one sounds extremely naughty (meaning spendilicious). oh Oh!

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    Default Re: mental block- HELP!

    I really like the green one. Tomato leaves. So zesty and fun!

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