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    Default Kai vs. Solar Butter

    I like Solar oil for my cuticles, and happily bought a jar of the new (to me, at least) Solar butter on my recent trip to the Cosmetic Market. That's also when I picked up Kai perfume oil, which I was just loving on my hand and wrist.

    So I was dissappointed when I got home and the Solar butter didn't have that trademark rich almond scent.

    Next day when I put it on my elbows, the scent was there in all it's oily glory and I thought, huh. Well good! And shortly after when I put on my Kai perfume, I was distressed to have wasted my money on this flat stuff. Huh, I thought.

    I think huh a lot.

    This is my first experience with two scents I love that *cancel* each other out, from an olfactory standpoint. I read about skin chemistry and scents that change from day to day. Now I've decided its the chaos theory of fragrance at work, a sensitivity to initial conditions. This can't be that different from trying to revel in a chilled slice of watermelon right after drinking a Coke. EWWW. The taste buds are just set to another quantum vibration.

    Solar butter will have to wait for Loukhoum days, or Gendarme Envious days. Solar butter is great, BTW.

    Man, my elbows are dry, especially the one I lean on while I'm mousing around.
    Please, spritz responsibly.

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    Default Re: Kai vs. Solar Butter

    Quote Originally Posted by Shycat
    ... chaos theory ... quantum vibration.
    I love it when you talk physics.

    Let's see, top notes (event horizon), middle notes (background radiation), base notes (heavy water)?
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