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    Default Youthful fragrance ideas...

    Right then guys and girls, I'm stumped. Looking for suitable 18th gift for a friend, and have narrowed it down to three scents, being:

    Givenchy, Very Irresistible
    Kenzo, Flower
    Chanel, Coco Mademoiselle

    I know that she owns (and likes) scents like Escada Magnetism, DKNY Be Delicious, Lancome Miracle. Bearing in mind that she's about to be 18, which of those (if any) do you think is most suitable? Is there anything more suited you could suggest?

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    Default Re: Youthful fragrance ideas...

    Out of these three Very Irresistible would be my choice. I think Coco Mml. may be with too much patchouli based on her other favourites. I would go more for fruity and floral scents.
    But there are so many other lovely fragrances out there that she may like as well -
    Allure (Chanel)
    Euphoria (Calvin Klein)
    Pure Poison (Dior)
    Britney Spears' Curious and Fantasy
    J Lo Live and Miami Glow
    Burberry Brit Gold
    AnaisAnais (Cacharel) - that's a classic, but may be too floral and not sweet enough for today's 18 year olds. But it's a very pretty, clean floral with a hint of fruity and green notes and plenty of lillies...

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    Default Re: Youthful fragrance ideas...

    I would base it on her personality. Very Irresistible is pretty, bubbly and sparkling. Kenzo Flower, to me, is more serious, almost studious. Coco Mlle is stylish, confident, and classy. (These are just my opinions, of course!) Her taste seems to indicate a preference for fruity florals, so out of your three choices I think Very Irresistible would work well. They're all wonderful, though. Your friend is lucky!

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    Default Re: Youthful fragrance ideas...

    I would say go for Flower if she is blond, Very Irresistible if she is brunette,
    and Coco Mlle if she is a redhead
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    Default Re: Youthful fragrance ideas...

    Very Irresistible is a great choice!

    I also recommend Gucci Envy Me and Chanel Chance.

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