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    Default Estee Lauder "White Linen" Linear?

    I used to wear White Linen a LOT. I stopped wearing it for a long time and then last night I put on a little bit from a mini that I have (got it in a multi pack, I LOVE those), and I was noticing that it seems to be a linear fragrance. Is that, indeed, the case?

    Just wondering.

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    Default Re: Estee Lauder "White Linen" Linear?

    I think so! My (very nice) MIL wears White Linen a lot and it always smells the same from start to finish. When I used to wear it myself, I thought it was pretty linear too.

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    Default Re: Estee Lauder "White Linen" Linear?

    If by linear you meant that it didn't change in its entire run, i would have to say that yeah it might give you that sense but if you smell closely you'll find that it changes but the changes are pretty minimal, i would imagine it's because of the insane amount of aldehydes it has....not a favorite of mine and to me it doesn't really smell like white linen's not a bad scent but i wouldn't buy it.

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