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    Default Statistics Time (February and Winter)

    This time of the month again! What did you wear most? What did you crave? What did you discover? What surprised you?

    For me: I wore orientals and chypres. Craved juicy berries and now sunny citruses. I discovered Etro Etra. The biggest surprise: Moschino Couture! with its powdery and meek drydown and peony on the warm woody base.

    Thank you in advance.
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    Default Re: Statistics Time (February and Winter)

    What I learned this month:

    I learned I like Jo Malone Black Vetyver Café, but not for any rational reason. Its selling points should be its notes of vegetative vetiver, captivating coffee, intoxicating incense, and seductive sequoia. However, other than the vetiver, I don't really focus in on the notes. The fragrance isn't really noticeable overall despite its apparently strong elements. I can't slot it into any obvious categories for sweetness or sultriness, bravado or nature-inspired ethereal-ness. I can't give credit to BVC for activating any memory chords. It doesn't really affect my mood. And, I don't imagine it having enough throw to affect anyone around me. So, my attraction is utterly indefensible.

    I just like it. Ain't that funny?
    "I live in the garden, I just sleep in the house." -- Jim Long
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    Default Re: Statistics Time (February and Winter)

    Thank you very much for starting this thread, Timberwolf. We need these reflective moments of introspection.

    Quarry: You make Black Vetyver Cafe sound like a capricious indulgence. Which is the best kind.

    Acquired rare 3.4 oz. / 100 ml Carlo Corinto Vetyver EdT. Not as perfect as Guerlain Vetiver, nor as versatile. Corinto is a 'velvety and slightly oily grass' as noted by Parallax442; it does not lend itself to layering. Already among my favorites but due to it position on the endangered species / extinction list, only for special moments.

    Waiting on status of Chamade pH EdT order (not in the limited edition heart bottle, alas).

    Have zipped through approximately 400 ml of Coriolan, Vetiver, Habit Rouge, L'Occitane Vetyver and L'Occitan, L'Instant pH, Mitsouko and Heritage EdT since November. If conventional wisdom holds true and 100 ml approximates 400 - 600 sprays (and using 500 sprays as an average), I am consuming at a rate of 18 - 20 * sprays per day. That seems excessive to me although the figures are skewed slightly higher due to office chair 'Booty Funk' problem and are closer to a 17 - 18 figure.

    Why did I become a Basenotes supporting member? Yes, I enjoy everyone's viewpoints and the topics of our discussions. More pragmatically, I subscribe to The New Yorker, the Atlantic Monthly and several other magazines. Every week, The New Yorker is waiting for me and I greedily devour its contents. If anything should happen to The New Yorker, I would be upset. If anything should happen to Basenotes, I would be upset. So I look at supporting membership the same as I would a magazine subscription.

    Plan of action includes restocking especially Coriolan and L'Occitane Vetyver, checking vetivers, acquiring more Aqua Allegoricas for layering with Vetiver (as I have languished for the nitwits at LVHM to release Vetiver Pour Elle in vain) and waiting to drive the new 2006 Guerlains out of the showroom. Sport Vetiver? I am a sport! After having to send to Italy for Vetiver Eau Glacee when sources in USA were depleted, I learned my lesson.

    Projects for spring: a vetiver hair conditioner, a better method of scenting the whole house and better utilization of atomizers / decanting large volume splashes. And stealing Shycat's car, filling the gas tank with perfume and have Quarry take it for a spin to see how the exhaust smells. Why do you think they call it a joyride? It is a sacrifice I am willing to make to further our scientific knowledge of fragrance even if it means she'll be spending the next 3 - 5 years in the slammer.

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    Default Re: Statistics Time (February and Winter)

    I have used many minis and emptied samples this month. Looks like I´m a bit restless, scentwise. My growing apreciation for Angel is showing in the statistics. Samsara is still standing strong *(I have three minis, and the EdT-one is large), and so are of course my more cold weather-suitable full-bottle regulars - Jour de Fête, Loukhoum, and Hiris. I have some new samples ready to be used. Hope to see a big change in next months statistic summary...come spring!

    Veronica: When you need an alternative to the Rolling Stones: * *

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    Default Re: Statistics Time (February and Winter)

    The moste worn in February for me are Mure et Musc Extreme, Kingdom and SJP Lovely. Also bought Diorissimo one day I was in town(a sunny, mild day, spring was almost in the air...) I`ve tried most Diors, but this one I have never paid any attention before, considering it an old lady-scent, just smelling strong of Lily-of-the-Valley...
    How wrong I was! Heard it`s been re-formulated, but since I have nothing to compare with, I think it smelled gorgeous! For me it will be a late spring/summer scent, though.
    Tested some samples, as Bond no 9 Bleecker St, which I didn`t like at all. Bond no 9, Hamptons I found nice, but nothing special.
    I fell deeply in love this month, the name of my love is Mure et Musc Extreme.
    This little sample made me order a bunch of L`Artisans from lusiouscargo and ausliebezumduft. I`ve never smelled any L`Artisans before, and have not received them yet, so I`m in a mood of impatience and excitement!

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    Default Re: Statistics Time (February and Winter)

    I finally bought a Creed (Royal Delight), and I'm very happy with it. I think it's gonna stay with me for a long time.
    I also discovered NR Musk for Her.I tried the oil and EdT, now I'm waiting for EdP to arrive in the shops so that I can compare and settle on one.
    I guess I'm in love with KM Hanae, I've been wearing my sample to the end, and I mentioned it here as often as I could . It's sort of expensive, so I consider buying D&G Feminine instead, or maybe HM Butterfly.It's not the same tho.
    I also plan to get Diva, L'Interdit and Blush. Hm...I guess I'll have to save on food and socks ;D
    I also thank everyone on basenotes, my life is definitely much more exciting since I am on the forum!

    Craving for the spring to come
    There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.

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    Default Re: Statistics Time (February and Winter)

    I posted my statistics, such as they are, to Tig's thread. While I wore a number of different fragrances, MPG George Sand is far out in front of everything in February. I have my suspicions but I don't really know what contributed to my fragrance restlessness.

    I discovered Aqaba and I know I'll be buying it. I crave MPG George Sand often, and lately have truly craved No. 19. I will be purchasing another bottle of George Sand as well as a new bottle of No. 19. As I've said many times, I don't layer different fragrances; however, for the last several days I've had the urge to layer either Paris or Irma Shorell Rose with No. 19. Even with spring approaching and my No. 19 craving, my need for deep, rich ambery, incensey, earthy fragrances continues and I've got several that I'm thinking of purchasing. Perhaps it's my longing for the winter we didn't have down here in my area and my reluctance, despite the green and growing things around me, to let go the last official winter days.

    It's all good.

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    Default Re: Statistics Time (February and Winter)

    I've been on such an incense kick this winter- who would have guessed? Not me. I've also been craving drier scents, as in arid. Perhaps it's because I've been enjoying lots of copal resin incense and wish I could keep a little bit of that dry note it gives off around me even when I'm not burning it. I'm pining for a decant of Norma Kamali Incense at this point. Still have some of my sample, but will need to think about what to do real soon.

    Also discovered I CAN wear a leather note- if it's not smoky. Which is kind of funny since I've been doing the "incense thing." I've been blowing through my sample of Etro's Gomma (on me a very clean, dry, straightforward, non-smoky leather,) at this point my only question is: full bottle or decant? I've been enjoying my other Etro's immensely as well, especially Shaal Nur and Sandalo. Sandalo is close to full-bottle-worthy at this point too.

    Discovered Indigo Wild's Zum Bars this winter- it's soap made from goat milk and essential oils. I'm addicted to several of their scents- rosemary/mint, lime/basil and their newest- sea salt. They are all so simple, but highly fragranced. It's actually been making me look forward to getting up in the morning, just so I can shower with this great soap!

    Carons- I'm trying them once again. I figured that perhaps they would wear better on me in frigid temps. I tried a large amount of Tabac Blond parfum the other day and found it wearable. However, it still does not send me to heaven the way it seems to for others. Perhaps I just need to "grow into it" and I will keep my sample, but...I have a feeling this one truly is just not me.

    I'm in love with Fumerie Turque.
    Scent is such a lovely, simple pleasure!

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    Default Re: Statistics Time (February and Winter)

    creed tabarome (new)
    serge lutens arabie
    serge lutens ambre sultan

    to keep me warm!!

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    Default Re: Statistics Time (February and Winter)

    I probably went neck and neck between Animale Animale and Lolita Lempicka or BdP.

    I have a huge wishlist after this month and I'm looking into a lot of new things all over the place. There are some new niche houses that I want to get involved with and I'm excited just thinking about it. I'm really just craving to try out new things and see what I can't find formyself.

    I've been trying to find so many and I set up 3 different basenoters to swap with and I am super excited about those shipments. I am always a sucker for decants. They are way to get real use out of something I want to try.

    There are two that I found and really like. I never really thought about these much when I passed them in the stores but Art of Shaving ~ Sandalwood is such a good smell. I am a big sandalwood person. L'Instant was my next find. It reminds me of Gucci pH but with a sweet note played over it. It is really nice and fits right into my line of fragrances. I can't wait to own them. I will eventually.

    PS ~ this is an awesome idea for a thread... ;D

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